33 French vocabulary to express "attitudes" (les attitudes)
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33 French Vocabulary to Express “Attitudes” (Les Attitudes)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Level: Intermediate

Grow your French vocabulary by studying the words on feelings, thoughts, mindsets, manners and attitudes. The sooner you start, the better. An awesome goal is to pick up a couple of nouns and adjectives each day and review in 30 days. Start slow and gradually increase the number of words per day.

People’s attitudes depend on their innate personality traits as well as on their circumstances.

Some people, for example, seem to be endowed with patience (la patience), while others easily succomb to impatience (l’impatience). Note that nouns ending in -té are feminine, while nouns ending in -isme are masculine.

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33 French Vocabulary to Express "Attitudes" (Les Attitudes) download PDF

le couragecourage
la douceurgentleness
l’enthousiasme (m.)excitement
la fiertépride
la générositégenerosity
l’idéalisme (m.)idealism
l’indépendance (f.)independence
l’innocence (f.)innocence
l’optimisme (m.)optimism
la politessepoliteness
la prudenceprudence
le réalismerealism
le zèlezeal

Some less-pleasant attitudes

l’agressivité (f.)aggressiveness
l’arrogance (f.)arrogance
l’égoïsme (m.)selfi shness
l’ennui (m.)boredom
l’envie (f.)envy
l’esprit rebelle (m.)rebelliousness
l’imprudence (f.)recklessness
l’insolence (f.)rudeness
la lâchetécowardice
la paresse laziness
le pessimismepessimism
la téméritéboldness, recklessness
le sarcasmesarcasm
le snobismesnobbery

Personality traits (les traits de caractère).

l’avarice (f.)greed
la foifaith
l’héroïsme (m.) heroism
l’humour (m.)humor
l’ingénuité (f.)ingenuity
la malicemalice

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