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Introduce Yourself in French With These 10 Examples (+MP3)


   If you want to introduce yourself, take a look at the 10 examples below. I asked some French learners on google plus and facebook to introduce themselves and I just corrected it. You will find the original version, the corrected version and I recorded it on audio so you can practice your listening and pronunciation […]

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French Dictation for Beginners #2


© Mandy Cheng / AFP).  InstructionsStep 1: Listen one time. Do not write anything yet.Step 2: Listen again. Write what you hear, but take a pause.Step 3: Hear it again in normal speed. Make corrections to what you have written.Step 4: Check the answer and compare. Disclaimer.This text is from  Do not hesitate to share this page […]

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French Dictation for Beginner #1

french dictation beginner

© Patrick Kovarik / AFP).  InstructionsStep 1: Listen one time. Do not write anything yet.Step 2: Listen again. Write what you hear, but take a pause.Step 3: Hear it again in normal speed. Make corrections to what you have written.Step 4: Check the answer and compare.  Disclaimer. I take this text from website.   Do not hesitate […]

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French Vocabulary List: Fruits and Grains


  Go grab some fruits and hit two birds with one stone because today’s lesson is all about fruits and vegetables. While munching on some apples, make your time count learning a new set of French words at the same time. You’ll see that eating and learning make a good combo if you want to remember words […]

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French Vocabulary: PETS AND ANIMALS


You may have had a pet at one point in your life or you may even have one now. Either way, it makes perfect sense going through today’s lesson on French vocabulary—all about pets and animals. Le chien, after all, will forever be man’s best friend. And wouldn’t it be nice to call your pet in […]

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French Adverbs – The Simple Guide

frenhc adverbs

Looking for a simple guide on French adverbs? Here in this article, we’ll break down French adverbs into the simplest terms and make learning all about it a breeze for you. Like other languages, the main words you’ll learn in French are nouns, verbs, and adjectives. However, you will definitely need more than that to express […]

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Common Mistakes Made by English Speakers in French


   French and English have some vocabulary in common and share grammatical similarities, but they are undoubtedly different languages. So it is quite normal for French speakers to make mistakes in English and vice versa. Do you chuckle whenever you hear a French native pronounce English words without an “h”, or when they add an “s” […]

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French Vocabulary: Office and Computing

french vocab computer office

Hate Math? Don’t worry. We’re not doing any kind of computing here. Instead we’ll learn some vocabulary related to the office where all the computing is done. No need to get your hands dirty with complicated numbers. You don’t even need to work in an office to get the hang of things. Just learn the phrases and words below which […]

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French Vocabulary: Post and Telecommunications

french vocabulary post telecommunications

  Imagine a world without iPhones, Blackberrys, email, calls or even snail mails. We might never survive. Because then how will we communicate? In today’s modern age, telecommunication is no longer an option but a need. Almost everyone has a cellphone unless you’re still living under a rock. So you’d better keep reading because today, you’ll learn all about words and […]

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French Vocabulary: Clothes and Footwear


  Clothes! Fashion! Shoes! Handbags! Shopping! Paris is a haven for fashionable dressing, so it only follows that these words are sure to get mentioned quite a lot when you go on a trip to France. Might as well learn these and incorporate them into your French vocabulary. Now, that would be très chic, wouldn’t it? No time […]

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French Vocabulary: Food and Drink (115 words translated in French)


 Hey, have you seen our article about French food habits ?If not, then take a quick look at it here. It’s awesome, we promise you. To supplement your learning about the world-renowned French cuisine, here is a list of vocabulary that will help you breeze through it all. Before you know it, you’ll be dazzling your date or […]

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French Vocabulary: Music & Dance (La musique et la danse)

french vocab music dance

  Studying the French language and culture will never be complete without getting exposed to its music. From the musical shows to types of music, instrument, and dance, this useful list of vocabulary will help you navigate your way through the wonderful French  music… or at least give you an idea of what these things are called. Ready […]

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