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French Podcast Ep# 5: Differences Between French, British, and American Conversations

Bonjour tout le monde. Ça va ? Last month, I launched the new podcast for advanced French learners. Have you checked it yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to do so, especially today. I’m giving you another sneak peek into the podcast by sharing one episode that you can listen to […]

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French Podcast Ep#1: How Bacon Almost Broke the Franco-Italian Friendship (+ the Verb Faillir )

Bonjour, tout le monde ! Have you checked out the new Talk in French Advanced Level Podcast? If you haven’t yet, now is your chance to do so. Today, I’m giving you a sneak peek of the new podcast by sharing Episode No. 1 for free. In this episode, my co-host Katie and I talk […]

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Vote for Talk in French in the 2016 Best Language Learning Blogs!


Bonjour, tout le monde ! and Lexiophiles’ annual contest for the top 100 Language Learning Blogs is here again. Last year, Talk in French placed at #4 and ranked highest among French language blogs. In 2014, Talk in French was at #6. This year, Talk in French has been included in the shortlist once […]

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Get Your Copy of My French Routine Volume 6 Today!


After you have learned the basics of the French language, at some point you will find yourself wondering how to continue. You still need to polish your French every day, and you will still need some guidance and a lot of practice, but the materials are either too easy or too difficult for your level. […]

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French Vocabulary: At the Airport


Can you imagine how confusing it could be when you’re in a foreign airport where people are communicating only in French? But whether you are planning to travel to a French-speaking destination or not, today we’ll be sharing with you a list of vocabulary and phrases related to airports.   Knowing these words and phrases […]

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The 5th Volume of My French Routine Learning Series — Out Now!

Are you an intermediate French learner looking to continue your lessons? Are you interested in trying a different approach to learning French? If youranswer isyes, this new e-book from Talk in French is definitely for you. My French Routine, a complete step-by-step French learning series, is now on its 5th volume. This volume, like the […]

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It’s Finally Here: the 1st Episode of the New All-French Podcast

The 1st Episode of the New All-French Podcast th

Hello, everyone! After months of delaying this project, I am finally releasing the first episode—a sort of pilot, actually—of the all-French podcast. The entire episode is totally in French, except for a few difficult words. You will notice that this episode is a bit low-key (no intro, sound quality is good but not perfect, no […]

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My French Routine Volume 4 Is Here!


Looking for the right material to help you increase your level of French knowledge can be quite frustrating (believe me, I know!). I’ve spoken with enough French learners to perfectly understand the struggle. I’ve been working double time, even triple time,to be able to provide you with the appropriate learning tools every step of the […]

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Keep Learning French with My French Routine Volume 3

my-french-routine-vol 3 th

Once you have begun learning beginner’s French, it is quite easy to stop there and tell yourself you are fine with what you have learned. However, perhaps you should consider this brilliant advice from Dory (the blue fish from Finding Nemo): via GIPHY The point here is to keep going despite the obstacles. To help […]

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Planning to Learn French this 2016?


Join #MyFrenchResolution Social Media Contest Update: I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the #MyFrenchResolution social media contest. I got several entries across all social media channels, and after some deliberation, I have selected 2 winners instead of just one. Here they are: Fumin Lee (via Twitter): his tweets included photos and were quite […]

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3-Step Guide to Learn and Master French by


Bonjour! Maybe you’ve been following Talk in French for a long while now and you’re already subscribed to my weekly newsletter. Or maybe you’re a complete newbie who has only stumbled across my website recently. No matter which one of the two you happen to be, I know you probably have this question at the […]

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Is it Possible to Learn to Speak French on Your Own?


Let’s face it. The idea that you can learn French by yourself and at your own pace–with no classes to drive to, no teacher to set schedules with—can be a truly appealing thing to think about. I’m pretty sure this has crossed your mind at one point or another for various reasons. Maybe you’re the […]

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