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New ebook: Improving French Vocabulary


 Hello, just a quick announcement. I have just launched a BIG new ebook « Improving French Vocabulary ». This ebook was designed for French Learners who are serious about learning French. Its purpose is to enrich the vocabulary of both advanced beginners and experienced students of French. I wanted to create the most comprehensive French Vocabulary Review Ebook […]

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The secret to building better sentences in French ?


  « Frédéric, how can I build a correct sentence in French? » It is a very common (and valid one) question but beyond building some simple sentences « I give some chocolate to my sister = Je donne du chocolat à ma sœur », you won’t get very far with this logic. If you are looking to build more natural and complex […]

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Vote for Talk in French in Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2014

vote-for-me hosts annual contest for language blogs to select the top blogs in the field of language learning. If you think what I am doing is  helpful for you, please vote for me here! It would mean a lot for us. There’s no prize or reward involved in this, but it would make me  really happy […]

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Why I don’t share the pronunciation of French Words on social media?


The number one request I get on social media (Twitter and Facebook mostly) when I share a new word is ‘Please add the phonetics’  But I don’t plan to do it; because this is the wrong way to learn French Pronunciation. I shall explain why in a moment, but first, allow me to give you two […]

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How to improve your French Quickly? Learn French with me!


 Why learning French with a tutor can be faster than a classical French Program?Struggling to improve your French? No opportunity to practice your French? Then you should consider my French Tutoring service.    The benefits of having a French tutor:Cheaper than  attending French language classes in France (As explained below)Faster way to develop French speaking and listening skills. […]

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Reading Comprehension in French: How to improve it?


  Do you know what’s one of the most underrated ways to learn French and improve your French Vocabulary? R-E-A-D-I-N-G. Perhaps I’m stating the obvious but I found out, amazingly, that most French learners do not spend at least a few minutes per day to read a french article. Such a shame really, because doing so can help improve […]

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How to [Pretend to] Speak French


Introducing the most Common Questions / Answers resource! You want to improve your French dramatically or at least fake that you speak French? Then develop a core language. By creating a list of sentences with some simple vocabulary, you should be able to have a basic conversation in French. Repeating and exchanging these basic sentences […]

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30 Days to Master the Gender of French Nouns

French Nouns Gender Drill

 Whenever I ask a student what is the most difficult part about learning French there are 3 typical answers:French PronunciationThe tenseThe gender of words  Ah the infamous French gender for words. Why do we have those rules  for words? Who plays heads or tails with each word and decides that a table (une table) is feminine […]

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Top 10 reasons how a second language may be more important than your passport…

Why learn a second language

    Yes, you heard it right, learning a second language may be more important than your passport in more ways than one. In fact let’s give you 10. How does that sound?

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