French Verb Drills

French Verb Drills Mega Bundle: 

Master The Most Common Verb Verbs with No Memorization

  • Master verb tenses naturally:  : learn the conjugations of French verbs avoir, dire, être, faire, finir, manger, pouvoir, savoir,venir, voir, and vouloir without memorizing anything
  • Effective repetition exercises to build your reflexes: each 5-6 minute drill will help you develop an instinct to choose the correct verb forms.
  • Practice your pronunciation with over 10 hours of audio narrated by a native French speaker

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About the Author: Frédéric Bibard

Frédéric is the founder of Talk in, a site voted by the community as the Best Blog for Learning French for three years in a row. He has more than nine years of experience in teaching French and published more than 30 titles including  best-selling books on Amazon.

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French Verb Drills
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