The 5th Volume of My French Routine Learning Series - Out Now!
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The 5th Volume of My French Routine Learning Series — Out Now!


Are you an intermediate French learner looking to continue your lessons? Are you interested in trying a different approach to learning French?

If youranswer isyes, this new e-book from Talk in French is definitely for you. My French Routine, a complete step-by-step French learning series, is now on its 5th volume. This volume, like the previous books in the series, offers a unique and effective learning method which includes the following:

  1. Short daily lessons that mix grammar and vocabulary topics, audio guides, and learning exercises. They are short enough to be easily comprehended, but challenging enough to keep you motivated.
  1. A strong focus on listening. Each lesson contains embedded audio material you can listen to. The audio consists of French conversations that illustrate grammar points and vocabulary usage, as well as pronunciation guides recorded by native speakers.
  1. Four weeks of lessons to help you build a sustainable learning habit. The book is divided into twenty different lessons–one per day, five days a week, with weekly lesson recaps during weekends.
  1. An effective learning method that combines grammar lessons with multiple exercises for maximum comprehension.

Check out what the reviews are saying about the My French Routine series:

I’ve wanted to learn French for several years now, but didn’t know where to start or what to learn first. This book is great for that. It gives different steps to learn the language. I started to focus on the pronunciation and step-by-step I’m gaining more confidence at forming sentences. The book is full of information. The author claims each lesson should last 20 minutes (if I’m correct), but I tried doing all of the optional exercises and it took around 30-40 minutes. Very good value. I’ve already bought Volume 2.” – Gabriela

Great learning method. The audio is very useful. Love the fact that each chapter is broken down into days.” – Adam

I used previous materials before this so I didn’t feel the need to buy Volume 1. The material is good and very complete. The audio is the best feature in my opinion. I don’t recommend this for complete beginners (Volume 1 makes more sense), but if you have some basic knowledge, go for this one.” – Pauline Keller

“Well organized and straightforward. Audio is a great plus!” – Ann Miron

Great teaching method. The audio embedded with the PDF makes practicing so much easier!” – Mike Scoot

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the e-book by clicking the photo below.

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