Find the secret logic of French grammar and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Join 27,566 other Talk in French students and stop feeling like 'death' about confusing grammar rules - by using my free French Survival Pack.

French Survival Pack for simpler grammar

Grammar is a shock many French students never recover from fully - and many abandon it waayy before they understand tenses and word genders.

But you do want to get it right because blending words together like three different flavors of slush ice just don't mix as well when you're standing in front of a native speaker who feels like you're butchering their language.

But there's a way to stop being afraid that people won't understand you and instead make grammar more intuitive rather than needing 10 minutes of deep analysis before you can use it the right way.

My free French Survival Pack helps you quickly decide on a correct sentence structure, so you don't have to worry about embarrassing mistakes every time you want to say something.  

  • Exact word-scripts to the correct gender of words, verbs, adjectives, and more - that you can use TODAY! 
  • Personally recorded audio from a native Parisian speaker (that’s me) so you get every pronunciation and sound with the right finesse.
  • Find hidden logic behind complicated grammar and turn it into simple practical use.

YES. I want to stop feeling overwhelmed by grammar. Send the French Survival Pack to the email address below. 

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