Do you fear ending up with a 'fake' French accent?

Join 27,566 other Talk in French students and develop a beautiful sounding French that will make even the most stubborn native speakers soften up - using my free French Survival Pack.

French Survival Pack for a better accent

Getting the right sound in your pronunciation is one of the most common problems in French.

It's a shame because it doesn't take much to go form 'bad' to 'good' - and later even develop a charming French accent.

Yes, it seems hard to avoid stumbling over the right tone in your vowels or manage the nasal sounds that have your entire face twist and turn in unimaginable ways.

So how do you find that charming flowing sound where each word grab on to the next and create a beautiful artistic melody like true native French speakers? 

My free French Survival Pack is filled with word sheets and audio recordings designed to help you get a beautiful French accent and instantly know how to pronounce the words you come across, so you don't have to worry about sounding weird in front of others.

  • Exact word-scripts on vowels, nasal sounds, and accent marks that you can use TODAY! 
  • Personally recorded audio from a native Parisian speaker (that’s me) so you get every pronunciation and sound with the right finesse.
  • Understand different styles of pronunciation you come across and when and why it's a, à, and â. e, é, è, and ê, and get it right every time.

YES. I want a better sounding French. Send the French Survival Pack to the email address below.

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