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Do You Know the Very Basic French Travel Phrases?

Basic French Phrases Quiz

Travelling in France can become exponentially more enjoyable if you know at least the bare minimum of French travel phrases.  Do you already know the very basic phrases you need to get by on your vacation in France? Test yourself with this short quiz!  

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25 Funny French Onomatopoeia that will make you LOL

onomatopoeia french vs english

Quick Navigation: What’s in this article?  Onomato-WHAT?French Onomatopoeia for Human sounds1. Sleeping sound in French2.Sound of baby’s cry in French3. Expression of pain in French4. Sound of drinking water in French5. Sneezing sound in French6. Sound of a beating heart in French7. Quiet sound in French8. Sound of disgust in French9. Eating sound in French10. […]

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