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You’re studying French and your reading, writing, and, perhaps, even your listening are good, but what about your speaking ability? 

Most of my students have an intermediate or advanced level in French and yet, are frustrated. They can understand and read pretty well, but, when it comes to speaking and listening they realize they are struggling. Do you have this issue too? Then I might be able to help.

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For beginners or perhaps people who only think they are: I have created some lessons to be broken down into small pieces ,so that you can learn a bit by yourself on a daily basis and review, and practice with me once or twice a week, depending of your schedule.

I offer French Classes via skype. You can study French at home with an experienced French Teachers.  I also use the chat function to write the essential phrases and words. If you cannot access this chat feature, then I will send you an email after the lesson.

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I use skype or google hangout to have a conversation for around one hour.

We discuss about some topics from articles, magazines or anything you really enjoy and we go through with some vocabulary and grammatical points if necessary.

The Skype format allows me to type notes for you to see on the screen.

At the lesson’s end, you can copy and paste these into a text document for later review.

Tons  of useful phrases and vocabulary to which you can refer to.

Gain more confidence in your conversational ability.

Learn so much more with an hour with me than weeks at a French class.

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  • Cheaper option to the French Class Program in a Private School.
  • Highly flexible (cancel anytime and adapt to your schedule)
  • Unlimited writing correction and support service outside the class (you can send me text message via What’s App or email if you have any question)

ask-questions french

  • Faster way to improve your French speaking and listening skills
  • Learn French wherever you want & when you want.
  • Personal to you.Tailor made classes for your individual need

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If you study in France in an Alliance Française (AF), Catholic University or Private School, the price varies between 200 euros and 250 euros per week.

What a student thinks about the Alliance Francaise

The Catholic Institute of Paris charges 850 euros per month for 85 X One hour  lessons  each lasting 1 hour. So you may be thinking“Oh it is only 10 euros per hour.” But there are 15 students per class. So, you will have a maximum of 4 minutes per class to practice ( 60 minutes / 15 students = 4 minutes).  It is like paying 150 euros for one hour of conversation.

Don’t get me wrong; these types of classes can be useful. I still value them; the peer pressure to learn everyday is great there. However it is not necessarily the best way to invest your time and your money (sorry French Teachers who read this blog post).

Moreover, with a French Tutor you will have an intensive one hour class instead of listening to other students trying to speak French.

Another benefit of having class with me via skype. No commuting time. Spend time to revise your French not travelling to a French Class. You can study anywhere as long you have an internet connection.


1 hour of French Class with me = 4 hours of French Class in Alliance Française 

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Depending where you live, you can get a tax credit or tax deduction by learning French. I am not a tax expert by any mean. But you can probably have a tax deduction. Check it out this article from Forbes for more information. Some of my students can get training allowance since French can be used as a work related training. If you work as a teacher or if you need to learn French (E.G: doing business with French Speaking Countries) you can probably ask your company to refund you. Talk in French is a company and I pay tax on each lessons. I can provide an invoice with the address and the tax number.  Do not hesitate to contact your accountant and your H.R department in order for you to get a financial support.

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Contact me via the contact form below. We will set-up together an appropriate time to have a quick conversation on the phone to evaluate how good your French is. Through a series of quick questions I will find exactly what we should focus on. Please do not hesitate to share with me your personal interest and motives to learn your French.

Use the contact form below to set-up your free assessment or if you have some questions, feel free to ask.

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50 US$for 60 minutes.  No commitment.  feel free to stop, pause or resume anytime you want.

For  Canada: CAD$60 / for 60 minutes

For U.K:  £35/ for 60 minutes

For Australia: AUD$60/ for 60 minutes

For others: 45€/for 60 minutes


[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Guarantee:” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”]

Money back guaranteed. If you do not have a blast or are not satisfied after the first class you can ask me for a refund. No questions asked.


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Upfront payment is required but you can do as session per session. Payments are only available via credit card or paypal.


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I am available from Monday to Saturday and I try to cover all time zones.


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Anne from New Orleans

I began studying French as a child and fell in love with the language. In college I majored in French Education, but never had the opportunity to travel to France. After studying on my own for many years, my goal of fluency still eluded me. I have used many different courses and products over the years. Some of them were excellent programs, but I still felt inadequate. When I finally was able to travel to France I was afraid to talk to anybody in French. Then on Facebook one day I discovered Talk In French. When the private online classes were announced I knew I had to try it. At first I felt very shy, but Frederic was gentle and encouraging, and I soon felt more at ease. He helped me find the correct way to express what I wanted to say, explaining idiomatic expressions, cultural norms, and correcting my pronunciation occasionally. I had been planning to perhaps take some courses at the local university, but with my crazy, hectic schedule and the cost I knew it would be difficult to work out. With Frederic and the Talk in French program I can study at home when it is convenient and without the hassle of driving back and forth. I can schedule our Skype classes at a time that is convenient for me. I am anticipating using my new and improved French on my next trip to France. If you are wanting to bring your French to the next level quickly, I would definitely recommend Talk in French and the classes with Frederic.


Jackie from Tennessee

I highly recommend Frédéric’s tutoring service.  He is flexible and willing to work with your schedule and your particular learning goals.  He is adept at determining your proficiency level thanks to a quick and convenient initial assessment which is done before your first meeting.  I was relieved not to waste time with unnecessary lessons!  Frédéric is relaxed, engaging and has a great sense of humor. He does a fantastic job keeping your interest level high by finding stimulating material to read and talk about.  I found the assignments challenging enough without being overwhelming. If you’re like me and you need a bit of accountability to push yourself to the next level, try this service no matter what your level is!


Vanlisa from Hong Kong


1. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from using my services?

The only obstacle is just the tutorial is through skype and it’s very different from sitting in a classroom and looking at the teacher writing on the board. This method requires more self discipline to study.

2. What did you find as a result of using my tutoring services?

Using your tutoring services enrich my vocabulary and communication skills of course. Classes outside have way less opportunity for me to speak up and to make mistakes. Besides, I get to write a lot of articles summary and make my own comments all the time. It makes me think differently and really use the french words that I’ve learned.
3. What specific feature did you like most about this services?

That Frederic provides a lot of materials to help my study and he does his follow up frequently to make sure everything is on track.

4. What would be  other benefits about my tutoring services?

  1. Due to my job is on very unstable schedule, I need flexible class schedule too. Since I’m using Frederic’s tutoring service, I don’t need to miss any class anymore.
  2. I’m not afraid to speak in french or to make mistakes. Because the corrections will come right after and I learn through the experience of communication.

5. Would you recommend my service? If so, why?

I will recommend Frederic to my friends and I actually did already. Because he can provide more personal language courses than the other schools in a comparatively reasonable price.


Kimberly from Florida 


I have been taking private tutoring lessons from Frédéric for the past few weeks.

I had been studying French for about a year on my own and had made a lot of progress, however I found that my learning plateaued. Despite the fact that I had worked with some audio materials I purchased on other websites, I found that my ability to read and write in French far exceeded my ability to carry on a conversation.

At first, cost was the prohibitive factor which kept me from hiring a French tutor. I tried to have some conversations with native French-speakers for free online who were trying to learn English but I found that this method was very inconsistent since it depended on the other person being as committed as I am.

When I came across the Talk in French website I found the written materials to be very helpful and I was drawn in by the prospect of having a free assessment of my French level, which I’ve never had before. After the free assessment I decided to hire Frédéric to tutor me in French.

I was very nervous when I first began taking lessons with Frédéric, but by the 2nd or 3rd lesson I was much more relaxed, as I found him to be very personable and easy to talk to. He provides me with interesting topics to discuss and I am learning a variety of different vocabulary and slang.

After few weeks, my comfort level and my ability to converse in French is much improved. I find the convenience of being able to take a French class at a day and time that work with my schedule is very advantageous since many other classes are held at times that I am unable to attend.

Another advantage to taking lessons with Frédéric is that I have an hour one-to-one with a native French-speaker who tailors the lessons to my specific needs. I don’t have to sit in a class re-learning things I already know. I get to have a fun conversation for an hour every week. I wouldn’t get this in a regular French class because the teacher’s time would be shared among several students. I am also able to ask specific questions either during the lesson on via email, which is helpful to me because learning is an ongoing experience.

For all of these reasons, I highly recommend taking private tutoring lessons with Frédéric.

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Use the contact form below to set-up your free assessment or if you have some questions, feel free to ask.

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