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Join 27,566 other Talk in French students and avoid getting stuck mid-sentence because you can’t find the right words - using my free French Survival Pack.

French Survival Pack for faster vocabulary

How often do you drop dead in conversations because you're searching for the right words to use?

You don’t want to be misunderstood or end up looking stupid. 

I can help you move around that terrible silence when you search for specific vocabulary so you avoid those cringey mistakes where you end up apologizing to the person in front of you and it feels like digging yourself into a hole. 

My free French Survival Pack is filled with useful vocabulary to make sure you have the correct choice of words for almost anything you come across.

From small talk topics that you might need when getting a taxi, or at cafés and restaurants -- to more curious conversations where you need to answer questions about yourself and ask your new French-speaking friends about their life.

  • Exact word-scripts that cover everything you’d need for a trip to France - (from the airport to the sights, cafés, and hotels to starting small-talk with true locals. Even words fitting for a romantic French evening). 
  • Personally recorded audio from a native Parisian speaker (that’s me) so you get every pronunciation and sound with the right finesse.
  • Find hidden logic behind complicated transition words and grammar - and use it right every time.

YES. I want a modern French vocabulary. Send the French Survival Pack to the email address below. 

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