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Our Mission

Our mission is to become the number one place on the internet for learning French. We want to empower you with the best materials for learning French online, and the tools you need to create lifelong learning habits.

Our Story

Talk in French was founded by Frederic Bibard in 2013. Starting as a blog, the platform was quickly filled with engaging and informative articles, delving deep into the rich culture, history, and language of France. Since our launch, we’ve gained over 30,000 subscribers and 10,000 students.

Our Journey

With the website in full swing, we received lots of positive feedback. However, people wanted more, and we were happy to deliver. To level up your learning experience we created:

  • 400+ Blog Posts – Read up on FREE content about French grammarvocabulary, and culture.
  • Podcasts – Delve deep into French culture, language, and history narrated by our founder, Frederic.
  • Online Courses – Suited for you, whatever stage you’re at.
  • The TIF Community – An exclusive online community, where students can share their experiences, practice with fellow students, and make new friends

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Proud to Be Unique

Most websites that teach French give you a whole lot of information and then leave you to your own devices. But that’s not enough. You need a great method tailored to your needs.

We’ll craft a custom method for you, based on your schedule, goal, and experience.

Most importantly, we’ll make it fun.

By creating the perfect mix of content, method, and fun, you’ll be more likely to stick to that learning habit and get better results faster.

Our Long-Term Vision

We love teaching French, but our biggest passion is empowering our students.

We will help you develop lifelong learning habits that lead you to success – not just in French, but all aspects of your life.

Our tools and frameworks will help you develop real confidence and competence, and transform you into the best version of yourself.

Meet the Team

Our team of experts is always on hand to provide support, no matter what issues you’re facing. We’re obsessed with helping you reach your language learning goals.

We take the time to get to know you, providing personalized feedback and support. YOUR journey matters to us.

Marie - Content Creator

Meet Marie, our dedicated content creator specializing in all things French. Follow her on our social media to improve your French skills with her help.

Sabrina - French & English Linguist

Meet Sabrina, French & English linguist from Paris. She will happily assist you along your learning journey! 

We’d Love to Hear From You

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