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10 French Movies to Take Lessons in Style

Many French films have achieved cult status for one reason or another, but some also made history because they launched timeless trends and style icons. Let’s do a tour of French cinema, with movies from the Nouvelle Vague and take serious lessons in style with iconic designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin or Coco Chanel! 1) A […]

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Cult One-liners: Famous Lines from French Movies

French movie culture is full of emotional and funny films, and are overflowing with cult one-liners—amazingly crafted pieces of dialogue that still look killer today and would sound great to quote in conversations. Let’s list those gems to show off your French 7th art skills, with a mix of timeless classics and comedy movies that […]

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10 French Movies for Guys


Who says French cinema only has romantic chick flicks and weepy dramas to offer? That’s definitely not the case. In fact, there are so many top notch French films that dudes of all kinds would surely enjoy. From hilarious comedies, gritty gangster films, crime thrillers, kickass action, and prison-set dramas—take your pick! Your newest favorite […]

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14 Must-see Romantic French Films


Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching and what better way to get into a romantic mood than to stay at home to watch some of the best French films about love and romance? But regardless of whether you plan to catch these movies with your amour, with your single besties for a night of margaritas, or all […]

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10 Child-Friendly French Movies + Where to Watch these Movies Online


It can be challenging to motivate kids to learn another language– until you give them some popcorn. Encourage the kind of dedication your kids need to learn French by curling up in the evenings with a good French movie. French movies have a bad reputation for being strange and hard to grasp. These titles aren’t […]

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31 Must-See French Movies (January Edition)

Here we go again with a list of movies for you to watch this month: one movie for every day of the month! As the weather gets colder this January, it’s time to stay in and stay warm and we have just the perfect selection of fantastic movies. So sit back and stay indoors with […]

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31 French Movies for All Ages: Christmas Edition


It’s Christmastime! There’s a festive spirit in the air, Christmas songs can be heard everywhere, and the weather just makes you feel like staying at home with some chocolat chaud. Well, if you’re planning some evenings at home with the entire family, this is a perfect article for you. I’ve listed down 31 French movies […]

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30 French Horror Movies for November


Bonjour French learners, ca va bien? I hope you are doing well in this chilly month of November. So, what is your plan for Halloween? For most people, Halloween means trick or treating, Halloween costume parties, or slumber parties packed with spooky tales and horror movies. Despite all the fun to be had, for French […]

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31 French Movies to Watch for a Chilly October


Comment allez-vous tout le monde? We are here again to welcome another month with another set of French films to explore. In Paris, October means chilly and cloudy days. There are also lesser tourists exploring around which surrounds the place with more gloomy ambiance. However, one of the best ways to spend a chilly and […]

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30 French Movies to Put on Your Must-Watch List This September


Bonjour! I hope you are still doing well despite all the heat and sweat from summer.  September will soon usher in Autumn, rainy days, and the back-to-school routine. Nevertheless, there is still room for a French movie or two each day right after work or school, right? So, here are some French movies to watch. […]

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31 French Movies to Watch (and Practice your French) this August

  August means summer! And summer means hot days that will make you want to sip a lemonade (une lemonade) with your  loved ones, while laying back in comfort in front of your TV. Once again, as part of my monthly ritual, I will give you another list of movies to watch for the month […]

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31 French Movies to Watch (and Practice your French) this July

french movies july th

  Bonjour tout le monde! I am here again to give you another compilation of French movies which will not just provide daily entertainment, but will also provide you with an insight in the world of French cinéma. At this point, you may already be becoming familiar with what distinguishes French cinema from the films […]

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