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Must-try French Specialties from Every Region of France

France has so many types of cheese, wine, and specialties from all over the French regions that it’s hard to keep up! Where do you go to try the ratatouille… or the famous frog legs, if you’re feeling adventurous? Don’t fret, I prepared a culinary Tour de France for you to enjoy. I even added […]

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How to Order Food like a Local in France

The French have a particular way of doing things, eating out included!   Fret not; we’re here to explain complicated menus, French customs and useful phrases to get you ordering food like a local! Usual Food Vocabulary/Phrases Wherever you decide to eat or drink, it’s best to brush up on some phrases first to make […]

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The 7 Best Open Air Markets in France

It’s such a pleasure to stroll along and enjoy the flavours and colours of the open-air markets of France. To pick up some food for the apéro and lunch, it’s best if you will get up early in the morning! I’ll be your guide today and let’s discover the hidden gems of the most beautiful […]

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French Train Station Vocabulary

Whether you are travelling to France soon or not, it’s always a good idea to stock up your French vocabulary with words and phrases related to trains and train stations. Today, our topic is all about that. Trains are a great way to travel all over France. It’s comfortable and convenient, plus you get treated […]

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Autumn in France: Where to go?

best places fall season france

When schools re-start at “la rentrée” and the tourists leave, it’s autumn in France. Summer vacation is over and France returns authentically to the French. It’s the perfect time to visit! Here are places in France that will make you “fall” in love with autumn! 1 . Paris Paris: perfect for any time of the […]

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Summer in Paris: 20 Things to Do

As crowds flock to Paris in summer, the city transforms into a bustling haven for tourists. Some would say that it is by this time that Paris becomes very un-Parisian, with the city slowing down its pace to welcome in sunny days, longer nights, and lots of fun festivals and special events. But summer in […]

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French for Chocolate Lovers: Useful Words and Tips

Are you a chocolate fanatic who may or may not have a plan to explore France’s chocolate scene soon? Whether you simply want to learn everything about chocolates or you’re planning to trudge to French-speaking parts to sample some delicious chocolat, here is a list of chocolate-related vocabulary to help you out. Also, don’t leave […]

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Paris for Choco Lovers: 15 Must-Visit Chocolate Shops

Paris is known for many things—one of which is a chocolate lover’s paradise. With a wide selection of expert chocolatiers and excellent artisan boutiques scattered all around the city, Paris is truly a chocoholic’s haven. Today, let’s take a look at 15 of the most exciting and must-visit chocolate shops in Paris. Ready to take a bite […]

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20 Places to Go for the Best Views in Paris


Tourists troop to Paris each year to get an eyeful of the most famous sights. A common complaint, however, is the huge crowd. On this list, I try to come up with a good mix of popular and not-so-popular places. So whether you like quiet parks, lively rooftop bars, trendy restaurants, famous landmarks, museums, or […]

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Top 10 Haunted Places in France


Millions of tourists flock to France each year to see its iconic attractions and monuments, but a fraction of those come for a different reason: to see the most haunted spots in the country. [Cue in creepy background music]  You probably don’t know this but France is not only home to picturesque views and mouth-watering […]

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit France (+ 1 Reason You Should)


As with anything and everything in this world, people often have conflicting ideas about a certain topic, or place for that matter. You’ve heard people rattle off reasons why they don’t like to go to France, while another half says quite the opposite. France is the number one tourist destination in the world, but should […]

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28 French Castles Straight Out of a Fairy Tale


Knights in shining armours, damsels in distress, magic forests, and happily-ever-after spent on splendid castles perched on top of a hill. All these come to mind when we talk about castles. In France, where there are thousands of castles dotting the entire country, you can star in your very own real-life fairy tale with castles […]

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