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French Vocabulary: At the Museum or Art Gallery

French Vocabulary At the Museum or Art Gallery TH

So you’re a fan of les arts? We’ve got the perfect French vocabulary for visiting an art museum or gallery. Visit the world-class museums in France and use these phrases to sound like a local and get a new appreciation for art! Quick Navigation Art in FranceAt the receptionTypes of ArtDescribing artFrench Museum Vocabulary Art in […]

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French Vocabulary for Online and Video Gaming

Gaming is one of the most popular trends around the world! With today’s online gameplay capabilities, it’s even possible that you’re competing with someone outside of your country.Did you know that gaming is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your language learning skills? There are tons of French vocabulary for online and video gaming. Whether […]

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French Vocabulary: Names of Diseases and Ailments in French

Health and sickness are a normal part of life – most of us just hope not to get sick while on vacation. If you find yourself in France and getting sick, we have the perfect vocabulary for you to communicate with the local doctors to get you back to full health in no time!We’ll explore […]

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French vocabulary: How to Say Different Nationalities and Countries in French

Today we’ll go through French vocabulary related to countries and nationalities. This article will help you properly introduce yourself and talk about nationalities and countries in French. Quick Navigation Some Quick RemindersFrench Vocabulary: The ContinentsFrench Vocabulary: Countries & NationalitiesConclusion Some Quick RemindersHere are some other things to consider when talking about continents, countries, and nationalities […]

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French Pick-up Lines that May or May Not Work But are Worth a Try


Pick-up lines are a dime a dozen and there all kinds of French pick-up lines as well. From the absolute charming to cheesy and quite bold, these pick-up lines may work for you with that lovely French accent of yours.Or you might fail miserably.Whatever the case is, there are all kinds that are worth trying […]

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Emergencies in France: what to do and what to say – A guide for tourists

Imagine yourself lounging in the Tuilerie garden, eating macarons, when disaster strikes… Nobody wants their time in France to be tainted by the memory of a bad situation, but emergencies can happen anywhere at any time.  When you find yourself in a foreign country, it is better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, no […]

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10 French Filler Words to Help You Sound Like a Native

Spoken French is, as should be expected, quite different from textbook French. The vocabulary French people use in everyday life is more colloquial. They tend to shorten words, their sentences are structured differently, and they also use many French filler words.  Like “uh”, “right”, “like” and so on in English, those words fill silences during speech […]

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A Guide to Shopping in France: Tips and Vocabulary

There are few places where shopping is more iconic than France. From the charming farmers’ markets in tucked away villages to the glorious glitz of the ultra-luxe flagship stores on the Champs-Elysées, there is something for everyone. Shopping is one of those cultural experiences everybody should experience when traveling in a new country, and even more […]

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French Vocabulary: Fruits, Vegetables and Grains in French (+ Free PDF)

French Vocabulary List Fruits and Grains

Looking for a list of fruits and veggies in French? This list is for you! You’ll find not only the names of fruits and vegetables in French, you’ll also learn about grains in French. The words will come handy if you’re planning on grocery shopping any time soon! Quick Navigation Get the PDF for Fruits and […]

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French Onomatopoeia: 25 Funny French Words for Written Sounds (+PDF)

onomatopoeia french vs english

Bonjour ! In this lesson, we’ll be talking about French onomatopoeia. Here’s a rundown of what’s covered in this article. Quick Navigation  Onomato-WHAT?Get the list of French Onomatopoeia in PDFFrench Onomatopoeia for Human soundsSounds made by objectsFrench Onomatopoeia for Animal SoundsBonus: What sound do hens make in French? Conclusion But before we dive into today’s lesson, […]

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120 Common French Adverbs to Make Your French Sound More Interesting

Common French Adverbs

Looking for a list of the most common French adverbs? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re listing down 120 of the most common ones that you can use in your everyday speech. Quick Navigation Quick ReviewCommon French AdverbsFrench Adverbs that Start with AFrench Adverbs that Start with BFrench Adverbs that Start […]

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French Marketing Vocabulary: 30 Words Every Marketer Should Know

30 essential marketing words in French th

Are you learning French while working or doing business in a French-speaking area? If so, you will find this list of 30 essential French marketing vocabulary quite useful.  Quick Navigation Get the PDFEssential French Marketing WordsSee alsoPin this! Get the PDFI also offer an extended version of this blog post, (55 French words instead of only […]

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