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Witty French Puns to Take Your French to the Next Level

As Alfred Hitchcock once said, « puns are the highest form of literature ». In French, this witty play on words is called “calembour” and it takes a certain level of expertise in the language to be able to pull it off. Calembours make use of homophony (words that sound the same) to inject humour […]

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100 French Phone Vocabulary and Phrases to Handle Calls Like a Pro

Dring, dring !   Your phone is ringing! How do you answer it while speaking French? Or better yet, how do you make phone calls in straight French? Sounds scary? Nah, piece of cake for you, I’m sure. Especially if you have a cheat sheet like this one I’m sharing with you. Here in this […]

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25 Funny French Onomatopoeia that will make you LOL

Before we dive into today’s lesson, let me address the elephant in the room. Some are probably asking: Onomato-WHAT? OK, it does sound like a big scary word. But onomatopoeia is a figure of speech that mimics the sound of an item it describes. It is the “written sound”. In French it is called une […]

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120 French Words and Phrases for Cars, Driving, and Car Rentals

If you’re looking for a list of French words and phrases related to cars and driving, this blog post is perfect for you. Here, I’ve listed down useful terms about: Cars and other vehicles General transportation terms Car parts Driving words and phrases Words and phrases for car rentals So whether you need to study […]

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45 French Words & Phrases for a Spook-tacular Halloween

Halloween is here! You probably know already that the French don’t really celebrate Halloween the way other countries like the United States do. But that shouldn’t stop us from learning all about words and phrases related to Halloween, right? So, here’s your list of vocabulary which is just perfect for this time of the year. […]

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10 Confusing French Word Pairs

The French Language: sophisticated, elegant…difficult!   Confusing pair words are something you’ll have to conquer if you want to speak like a true Frenchie.  We’re here to help;  whether it be homophones or synonyms, we’ve broken everything down to make your learning easy peasy. 1 . À Vs De: They may be among the smallest […]

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French Train Station Vocabulary

Whether you are travelling to France soon or not, it’s always a good idea to stock up your French vocabulary with words and phrases related to trains and train stations. Today, our topic is all about that. Trains are a great way to travel all over France. It’s comfortable and convenient, plus you get treated […]

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French Teen Slang: Speak French like a Cool Kid

Kids–teens, pre-teens, and even those in their early twenties—often talk to their friends using a different set of trendy slang words. In the US, this includes “bae”, “dope” (it means good, not the drugs), “YOLO” (not sure if this is still a thing), “swag”, “turnt”, and so on. It’s the same thing in France. The […]

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Six Popular French Sayings and Their Origins

Ever wonder where they come from, those familiar sayings that roll off your tongue without a second thought? Here are six popular French sayings that carry the wisdom, history and culture of France. 1 . Apres la pluie le beau temps What a poetic way to say better days are ahead and disappointment will turn […]

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12 Tricky French False Cognates: Part 3

Don’t let these sneaky twin words trip you up! Get to know more confusing French and English false cognates in this article. The 1st part is here and you can check the 2nd part here. 1 . Luxurieux and Luxurious This twin words look so similar that surely they can’t be unrelated, right? Wrong. In fact, […]

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15 Favorite French words – Part 2

Do you have a favorite French word? I’m pretty sure you do. So I asked the Talk in French community in Facebook what theirs is and the list I got was interesting. Some are truly gorgeous words, others quite thought-provoking while some are just amusing and a bit odd. You can see the first part […]

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15 Favorite French Words (Part 1)

A few weeks back, I asked the Talk in French community on Facebook what their favorite French words are. Here are some of the answers I got. Some words are interesting, others are very useful. Some are just pretty and rolls off in the tongue quite nicely. But whatever the reasons these words are picked, […]

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