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Witty French Puns to Take Your French to the Next Level

As Alfred Hitchcock once said, « puns are the highest form of literature ». In French, this witty play on words is called “calembour” and it takes a certain level of expertise in the language to be able to pull it off. Calembours make use of homophony (words that sound the same) to inject humour […]

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Must-try French Specialties from Every Region of France

France has so many types of cheese, wine, and specialties from all over the French regions that it’s hard to keep up! Where do you go to try the ratatouille… or the famous frog legs, if you’re feeling adventurous? Don’t fret, I prepared a culinary Tour de France for you to enjoy. I even added […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your French-obsessed Friends

Do you need ideas on what to give someone who is crazy about France and anything French? Whether it’s for a friend, family, a special someone, or even for yourself, here’s a list of 15 delightful gifts any self-confessed francophile would truly enjoy. Gifts for foodies Oyster knife When the winter months roll in and oysters […]

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French Podcast Ep# 17: Les blagues (French Jokes)

Have you ever found yourself wondering what kind of humor the French people have… or if indeed the French joke at all? Well, you’re in luck because today, I’m sharing with you one episode from the all-new Talk in French advanced level podcast. And the topic is all about…. Les blagues! French jokes! Yes, the […]

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How to Visit Paris with a Disability: Essential Tips

Ah, Paris, the City of Lights and a haven for tourists… except for disabled travelers sometimes. How can guests with disabilities visit this wonderful city with its romantic cobblestone streets, underground metro and flights of stairs everywhere without it turning into a nightmare? Well actually, the city of Paris tried to make a lot of […]

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10 French Movies to Take Lessons in Style

Many French films have achieved cult status for one reason or another, but some also made history because they launched timeless trends and style icons. Let’s do a tour of French cinema, with movies from the Nouvelle Vague and take serious lessons in style with iconic designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin or Coco Chanel! 1) A […]

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12 Fun Ways to Get Around In Paris

While Paris doesn’t even come close to the biggest cities in the World, ‘size, isn’t everything’. Don’t spend time dilly-dallying, get where you need to be in a flash with Paris’ numerous transport options. 1 . Walking The easiest (and cheapest) option—walking around the Capital— is not only a great way to familiarise yourself with […]

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How to Order Food like a Local in France

The French have a particular way of doing things, eating out included!   Fret not; we’re here to explain complicated menus, French customs and useful phrases to get you ordering food like a local! Usual Food Vocabulary/Phrases Wherever you decide to eat or drink, it’s best to brush up on some phrases first to make […]

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The 7 Best Open Air Markets in France

It’s such a pleasure to stroll along and enjoy the flavours and colours of the open-air markets of France. To pick up some food for the apéro and lunch, it’s best if you will get up early in the morning! I’ll be your guide today and let’s discover the hidden gems of the most beautiful […]

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Cult One-liners: Famous Lines from French Movies

French movie culture is full of emotional and funny films, and are overflowing with cult one-liners—amazingly crafted pieces of dialogue that still look killer today and would sound great to quote in conversations. Let’s list those gems to show off your French 7th art skills, with a mix of timeless classics and comedy movies that […]

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Autumn in France: Where to go?

best places fall season france

When schools re-start at “la rentrée” and the tourists leave, it’s autumn in France. Summer vacation is over and France returns authentically to the French. It’s the perfect time to visit! Here are places in France that will make you “fall” in love with autumn! 1 . Paris Paris: perfect for any time of the […]

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10 Parisian Cocktails (+ Recipes)

Paris is known for its wonderful wines, but its alcoholic offerings by no means end there.  Home to some of the best bars in the world, it’s no wonder this city’s cocktails are such a hit among locals and tourists alike. From timeless classics to modern mixes, here’s a list of 10 Parisian Cocktails to […]

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