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Common mistakes at writing in French by English Speakers – 3 new essays corrected

french essays corrected - 3 examples

Are you making some silly mistakes at writing in French? Then you should definitely check out this article! After the awesome reaction from the first blog post (you can check it out here) and you still want to improve your writing in French, take a look of these 3 NEW examples below. I asked some French learners via […]

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French Conjunctions – Les Conjonctions: Everything you need to know


French Conjunctions: A comprehensive overview. Reading time 3 minutes Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced So, what exactly is a conjunction? Of course you know Facebook, but do you know what the main role of it is. It is used to facilitate the interaction between people, or, in other words, to CONNECT people. In language, you would […]

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French Modal Verb: A language without modal verbs – how is it possible?

french modal verbs

Is it really a problem that French doesn’t have modal verbs? In English, modal verbs are non-conjugated verbs, as listed below: can could may might must ought to shall should will would All of them are widely used in daily conversation in English. It seems to be a real headache for English-native learners if this […]

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4 Rules In Transforming French Verbs Into Its Simple Past (Passé simple)

french simple past

Where could you encounter Passé simple (the historical and formal tense)? You will probably not see it in a friendly chit-chat, maybe not even in this kind of blog article if it is translated into French. You will probably say “so what is the point of knowing it? I am not a native speaker, and […]

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A Q&A About the French Pluperfect: Some of the things you’ve been dying to ask


We call it the French Past Perfect. But it’s also called pluperfect or plus que parfait. Yeah, tomato, to-ma-to. Many names but they all mean the same thing: a tense that describes something that had happened or had been true at some point in the past, and an action that had occurred before another one […]

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The Savvy Learner’s Guide to French Future Perfect Tense


The what, when, how, where, and why of the futur antérieur Oh hello there. There’s something I want to tell you: by the time you finish reading this article, you will have familiarized yourself with the futur antérieur.

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5 Things You Need To Know About the French Subjunctive


French subjunctive? What is it?? I can almost see the question marks hovering around your head right now. But no worries, this article will strive to replace those question marks with a huge light bulb that will make you go… To make things  a lot easier for you, I have listed down five things that you […]

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