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Newsletter Q&A: Christmas in France

Bonjour ! Every week on the Talk in French Newsletter, I answer questions sent by subscribers. The questions could be anything about France: language, culture, tourism, etc. And I try my best to answer each and every question sent my way. By the way— you can ask me anything, too! Just send me an email […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your French-obsessed Friends

Do you need ideas on what to give someone who is crazy about France and anything French? Whether it’s for a friend, family, a special someone, or even for yourself, here’s a list of 15 delightful gifts any self-confessed francophile would truly enjoy. Gifts for foodies Oyster knife When the winter months roll in and oysters […]

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Newsletter Q&A: Porter vs Prendre and Ceci vs Cela

Bonjour tout le monde ! Every week on the newsletter that I send out to Talk in French subscribers, I answer questions sent in by French learners like you. Most of the questions I receive are usually about concerns that a lot of learners also face. So to reach more people, I am sharing it […]

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New French Podcast: Out Now!

Yes, you read that right. After months of lengthy preparation, the 26 episodes of the full first season is finally here! Introducing: the new Talk in French Podcast   I have heard your requests, your feedback, and all your frustrations in learning French especially for advanced learners. It is difficult to look for suitable learning […]

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Q&A: Tips on using the correct tense?

Bonjour ! If you are subscribed to the Talk in French newsletter, you probably know that I answer a lot of questions sent to me by subscribers. The questions range from language, travel, culture, and basically anything related to France that the readers can think of. Here, I’m sharing with you some of the questions […]

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Q&A: How to Improve French Pronunciation and Sentences?

Hey there, how’s it going? In my newsletter every week, I answer questions sent by readers like you. Since most of the questions I get are quite helpful, I’m sharing them here as well. I want to help more French learners who might be facing the same issues. Today, I’ll be sharing this question from Valerie. […]

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The French Cuisine and When to Pronounce the s in “plus”


Salut, ça va? If you have already subscribed to the weekly Talk in French newsletter, you’ll know that in every issue that comes out on Sundays, I feature a Question of the Week. These questions are sent by different subscribers and covers everything from French language, culture, and even random questions. (If you’re not yet […]

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Planning to Learn French this 2016?


Join #MyFrenchResolution Social Media Contest Update: I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the #MyFrenchResolution social media contest. I got several entries across all social media channels, and after some deliberation, I have selected 2 winners instead of just one. Here they are: Fumin Lee (via Twitter): his tweets included photos and were quite […]

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15 French Christmas Songs to Listen for Free


It’s Christmas time once again…the most wonderful time of the year! When you’re curled up with a mug of delicious Chocolat chaud or relaxing in front of a crackling fire, wouldn’t it be lovely if you can play some French Christmas songs in the background?   Well, your wish is granted! Here is the perfect […]

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A Word of Thanks…and Some News from Talk in French


A lot of amazing things have happened to Talk in French since I started it two years ago and I have you my awesome readers and followers to thank for it. I don’t get to say this enough but, merci beaucoup, thank you very much for all of your support. Your feedback, comments, email replies, […]

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12 Reactions that French Learners Can Totally Relate To

Learning French can be like a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes it gets too frustrating to handle, but some days you’re so excited you’d think you’d burst. Here’s a list of 12 scenarios and reactions French learners can totally identify with. Plus a lot of learning tips thrown along the way. Enjoy!   1. When a […]

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EVEN MORE Short Stories to Learn French


In the last couple of months, I have launched not one, but two volumes of Learn French with Stories for Beginners. You can read about the introduction to the first one here, and the second book here. To complete the entire package for beginners, I have produced the 3rd and final book of the series […]

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