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French Conditional Mood (Le Conditionnel): How does it work?

French Conditional

Let’s talk about le conditionnel. What is it and how does it work? Whether you are particularly aware of it or not, we often use the conditionals in our daily speech. The conditionals are both used the same way in English, as well as in French. But first, what exactly is it? Quick Navigation What is […]

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Expressions to Use When Complaining in French


[symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading time: 2 minutes[/symple_highlight] [symple_highlight color=”green”]Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced[/symple_highlight] Even if you are just going to France for a few days, it is advisable to learn some expressions on complaining, getting mad, and a few idioms that the French locals commonly use when talking to their friends. France is also about art and you should know there is an […]

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French vocabulary list: Le comportement humain (Human behavior)

human behavior

 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Level: Intermediate- Advanced[/symple_highlight] [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading time: 2 minutes[/symple_highlight]   Looking for more French words to add to your vocabulary bank? Today, we’ll take a look at a list of French words related to human behavior. You can also download this list in a PDF document that you can save on any device. To access the file, click on […]

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