A self-confessed English Francophile, Ginny loves immersing herself in French language and culture. Most of her working life has been spent teaching French to British pupils aged 2 to 18, as well as English as a foreign language to both school children and adults, in England and in France. 

Ginny Jackson

Articles by Ginny Jackson

French Verb VOIR TH

French Verb VOIR: How to Conjugate

The verb VOIR usually means to see (although it can also mean to understand) and

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French Verb DIRE TH

French Verb DIRE: How to Conjugate

The verb DIRE means to say or to tell and should not be confused with

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French Verb ALLER TH

French Verb ALLER: How to Conjugate

ALLER is one of the three most commonly used French verbs. Its meaning is simple

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French Verb SAVOIR TH

Conjugating SAVOIR

The verb SAVOIR usually means to know and it has irregular forms but it is

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french verb faire_1

French Verb FAIRE: How to Conjugate

Faire is the fourth most commonly used verb in French, so it’s a must-learn verb

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