Bonjour I’m Frederic Bibard, founder of Talk in French. If you are new on this website this page is for you! It will give you an overview of the website and it will help you to find the right information based on your need.

What to expect: Here at I want to help you learning French at your own path and based on your interest. This website is still young but I already created some content.

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[symple_callout button_text=”Check now” button_color=”green” button_url=”” button_rel=”nofollow”]French Vocabulary And Expression[/symple_callout]

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Download the Free French Learning Package. A growing collection of Free Resources that will help you to learn French Faster and Better.


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If you are serious about learning French but you still don’t know where to start, how about checking my  ebooks?

Check my Ebook here.


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Language is a two way communication, I am not expecting to be perfect and so I welcome all your suggestions. I want to be the number one website for learning French and one way to achieve it is to listen to what you need. I am always dedicated to make this website better and better.

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