Talk in French products are completely compatible with all iOS devices but due to the limited control of the file system in Apple devices, you’ll first need to download the files to your computer…

1. Download to your computer

Using either the download link you received in your email after your purchase or via your user account, download the .zip file to your computer.

Note: these files can be large  so don°Øt try opening the .zip file until your browser tells you that it has completed the download?successfully (usually a few minutes on a broadband connection but if your connection is unreliable it could take 10 to 20 minutes)

2. Expand the .zip file

If you computer is set up to automatically expand .zip files upon download then you°Øll find a folder in your Downloads folder otherwise, just double click on the .zip file and it°Øll automatically expand the file into a folder with the mp3 and PDF files.

3. Import the file in iTunes

In iTunes, select the File > Add To Library menu item. ?Navigate to the folder where the Talk in French folder is and select all the mp3 files. ?Click Open.

If your iTunes is set to it°Øs default options, it will copy all the Talk in French mp3 files into the iTunes Media Library.?(To make sure the files are copied to your internal library, go to iTunes > Preferences°¶ and click on °ÆAdvanced°Ø tab. You should see the below.

4. Sync your iPad/iPhone with iTunes/iCloud

All your Talk in French audio files should now appear in your /Music/  application under the Talk in French artist.


You can also check it out this video here.

You can skip the first 1 minutes 20 of the explanation.