A Playlist of 31 French Love Songs to Listen for Free


Last Updated: June 2, 2023

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, that special time of the year when everyone seems to be looking through rose-colored glasses and the world becomes a hundred times more romantic than it ordinarily is.

But whether you’re in the mood to be extra-romantic to your sweetheart or you’re currently broken-hearted or jaded, it’s always great to have a soundtrack of French love songs playing in the background. For that, I have prepared a playlist of 31 love songs that I have specially picked out for you.

French Love Songs

You can listen to French love songs here via Spotify. Most of the songs in the playlist already have available lyrics that you can sing along to. But for songs that do not have lyrics yet, you can access them in the links below.

Barbara - Ma plus belle histoire d'amour

Claude François - Comme d'habitude

Florent Pagny - Savoir aimer

Serge Lama - Je suis malade

Joe Dassin - Et si tu n'existais pas

Johnny Haliday - Que je t'aime

Here is the playlist. Enjoy!

How to access the 31 songs:

  • To access the French songs, you will need to sign-up with Spotify (totally free). I know it’s not available everywhere. I will try to come up with another solution soon. Meantime, you can sign-up here.

How to get the lyrics and turn your computer into a karaoke:

  • You can check out this video to see how it works.

Do you have a specific French love song that you want me to add into the playlist? Let me know in the comments section so I can include it soon. And if you need more French songs covering different genres, I have previously shared a massive playlist containing more than 600 French songs. You can access it here.

New: Now on Deezer.

Click here

Happy listening!


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