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Last Updated: August 29, 2022

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Autumn in France. France in Fall. What could be more glorious? When the thick horde of tourists leave, schools reopen for la rentrée, and the leaves change to stunning colors, it’s officially autumn.

Autumn (or fall) can be a perfect time to visit France (see Autumn in France: Where to Go?). But before you pack your bags, it’s a good idea to check out some autumn-related vocabulary.

french autumn thanksgiving vocabulary

And of course, our American readers might also be interested to learn French vocabulary related to Thanksgiving. So even though the French do not celebrate Thanksgiving (except for French- Americans or expats living in France), I’ve decided to include here also some French words and phrases related to Thanksgiving.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin!

French vocabulary: Autumn

l'automne (masc.)fall, autumn
une journée fraîchea cool day
un pullsweater
un manteaucoat
une couvertureblanket
des bottesboots
un rhumecold
une feuilleleaf
la pluierain
des châtaigneschestnuts
les couleurs d’automnecolours of autumn
Changement de couleur des feuilleschanging colors of leaves
équinoxe d'automneautumnal equinox
le feuillage d'automnethe fall foliage
la chute des feuillesthe falling leaves
un tas de feuillesa pile of leaves
le changement de saisonchange of season
la rentréereturn from summer holidays
retour à l'écoleback to school
un ratêaua rake
un feu de joiea bonfire

Now for the second part. Let’s check out French words about the American Tradition, Thanksgiving.

French Vocabulary: Thanksgiving

le jour d'action de grâceThanksgiving
le quatrième jeudi de novembrefourth Thursday of November
une réunion de famillefamily gathering
un festin, un banquetfeast, fancy meal
les remerciementsthanks
la famillefamily
le défiléparade
le pèlerinpilgrim
être reconnaissantto be grateful
réunir la familleto gather the family
farcirto stuff
découperto carve
partagerto share
banqueter, festoyerto feast
remercierto thank
les aliments / la nourriture du jour de l’action de grâceThanksgiving Food
la citrouillepumpkin
la tarte à la citrouillepumpkin pie
la courgesquash
la dindeturkey
la farcestuffing
les restesleftovers
la tarte aux pommesapple pie
le painbread
le maïscorn
la cannebergecranberry
la puréemashed potatoes
un ignameyam


It’s always a good idea to learn French vocabulary by theme, and to cover topics you are interested in.

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