77 French Words and Phrases to Learn This Summer


Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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The sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue, and everyone is in high spirits! Ahhh, summer is here! What better time to learn French words and phrases related to summer?

Here in this article, let’s learn and review French vocabulary about the summer. The vocabulary list is divided into different parts which you can quickly navigate by clicking below.

French summer

For starters, you can check out this short video about French summer vocabulary.

Now let's dive in to French summer words and phrases!

1. Essential French Summer Words and Phrases

l’été summer
les vacances vacation
les vacances d’été summer vacation
des vacanciersholidaymakers, vacationers
un voyage a journey
août August
un pique-niquea picnic
glace; crème glacée ice cream
un maillot de baina swim suit
un bateaua boat
la pastèquewatermelon
la plagebeach
le ventilateurfan
lunettes de soleilsunglasses
Coup de soleilsunburn
Un amour d’étéa summer romance
Passer à l’heure d’étéchanging to daylight-saving time (putting the clocks forward) literally, passing to summer time
bonnes vacances!have a good holiday!
bon voyage!have a good trip!

II. Talking about the summer weather

Il fait chaud It’s hot
Il fait du soleil It’s sunny
Il fait beauThe weather is nice
La chaleur The heat
Le soleil brille The sun is shining
Le ciel est bleuThe sky is blue

III. The Outdoors

le parc the park
les montagnesthe mountains
la pelousethe lawn / grass
une fleur / des fleursa / some flower(s)
une plantea plant
un arbrea tree
la nature nature
au bord de la merat the shore
la plage the beach
le sablesand
la piscine the swimming pool
la mer the sea
l’océanthe ocean
un laca lake
le Jardinthe garden

IV. Summer Activities

se reposerto rest
se détendreto relax
voyagerto travel
jardiner to garden
marcher to walk
courirto run
jouerto play
Se bronzerto sunbathe
nagerto swim
Aller à la merto go to the beach
Marcher sur la plageTo walk on the beach
lire des romans sur la plageto read on the beach
se baignerto bathe
plongerto dive
faire de la planche à voileto wind surf
faire du ski nautiqueto water ski
faire de la voileto sail
Faire un pique-niqueto have a picnic
faire du surfto go surfing
faire du skito ski, go skiing
faire le tour de...to have a look around...
faire une excursionto go on an excursion
visiter les muséesto see the museums
faire du campingto go camping
faire du sportto play sports
Faire du véloto go biking
Faire de l'escaladeTo go mountain climbing
Faire du skateto go skating
Faire du parapenteto skydive
pêcherto go fishing

Did I miss any words or phrases on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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