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May 11, 2014

podcast french men myth

Bonjour, this is Frederic and I would like to personally welcome you to the sixth episode of the Talk in French Podcast!

This podcast is intended for beginner to intermediate French language learners and French culture enthusiasts. For advanced level learners, I also have an all-French Podcast which you would probably enjoy more. You can check the Advanced Podcast here. 

What's in this Podcast?

French Travel and Culture

Discover some interesting aspects of French travel and culture.

Vocabulary and Expressions

Learn useful French vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

French Grammar Explanation

Get to know important grammar points and learn how to use it.

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French Vocabulary Included in this Episode:

le petit déjeuner breakfast
le buffet du petit déjeuner breakfast buffet
la confiture jam/jelly
le pain bread
la saucisse sausage
les œufs brouillés scrambled eggs
l’œuf à coque boiled egg
le fromage cheese
le bacon bacon
le pâté pâté

French Expressions from this Podcast Episode:

Quoi de neuf ? What's new?
Qui m'aime aime mon chien Love me love my dog.
qui plus est furthermore
Qui sait ? Who knows?
Mais je parle, je parle... But enough about me...

Links to Articles and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Also on iTunes

This podcast is also available on iTunes, so if you prefer to listen on your device, please check it out on iTunes and give me an honest review here . I updated the RSS feed so all the information is available there.

Once again your feedback will be greatly appreciated and it would help me develop more learning resources for you. If you have time, please leave a review in iTunes, too.

About the author 

Frederic Bibard

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

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