Alix grew up in the Southwest of France and studied in Paris. She now lives in the United States where she is an active member of the francophone community and never misses an occasion to share her culture.

alix bernaud

Articles by Alix BARNAUD

Classic French Breads_TH

10 Classic French Breads You’ll Find in Boulangeries Across France

Bread is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about

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Christmas in France_TH

How to Have the Best French Christmas

Christmas in France is first and foremost a family holiday, with people traveling from all

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how to write a french resume_TH

A Guide to Writing a Resume or Curriculum Vitae in French

So, you want to get a job or internship in a French-speaking country. How exciting!

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emergencies in France

Emergencies in France: what to do and what to say – A guide for tourists

Imagine yourself lounging in the Tuilerie garden, eating macarons, when disaster strikes… Nobody wants their

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French Filler Words_TH

Talk in French Like a Native: Filler Words

Spoken French is, as should be expected, quite different from textbook French. The vocabulary French

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French sentence construction_TH

How to Form French Sentences: A Guide to French Sentence Construction

When you learn a new language, you start by accumulating vocabulary, learning how to conjugate

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