French Basketball Vocabulary: 42 French Words Every Sports Fan Should Know


Last Updated: August 29, 2022

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Basketball is one of the sports that are well-loved all over the world. If you are learning French and are a fan of this sport, French basketball vocabulary would help you discuss basketball with other French-speaking fans.

Read more to learn how to say basketball in French, and even basketball positions in French.

French Basketball

Here are other advantages of learning about French basketball vocabulary:

  • It’s great to learn French words by theme. Learning by theme will help you talk about this topic with other French speakers as well as understand French news articles about basketball.
  • It can help boost your motivation to learn French. If you’re a basketball fan, learning how to say basketball in French and other French basketball vocabulary would be a fun way to learn the language. As I mentioned in my book Fluent in French, to boost your motivation for learning French, you could learn French words related to topics that interest you.

Don’t have time to memorize this list now? You can also click below to download a copy of the vocabulary in PDF format.

French Basketball Vocabulary

l'équipe de basketbasketball team
un matchgame
un(e) basketteur/eusea basketball player
un joueura player
un pivota center (player)
un arrièrea guard
un attaquantan offensive player
un défenseura defensive player
un sauteura jumper
un remplacantsubstitute
un ballon de basketbasketball
un terrain de jeu / le terraincourt
le panierbasket
le panier adverseopponent's basket
l'anneaurim, ring, hoop
le panneaubackboard
le filetnet
le ballonball
la ligne de centrecenter line
la ligne de lancer francfree-throw line
la ligne des trois pointsthree-point line
le cercle centralcenter circle
la ligne de fondendline
la ligne de touchesideline
hors jeuxout of bounds
un tira shot
un tir-crocheta hook shot
la fautefoul
la passepass
le rebondrebound
la rentréethrow-in
lancerto throw
attraperto catch
marquerto mark
faire un dunkto dunk the ball
tirerto shoot
bloquerto block
faire rebondirto bounce
dribblerto dribble
sauterto jump
une pom-pom girla cheerleader

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