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69 Essential Sports Vocabulary Every Sports Fan Must Know


Are you into sports? Do you make it a point to check sports news and read updates on sports blogs every day?

If you’ve been following Talk in French for a while now, you probably  know that I absolutely want people to have fun while learning French. It makes learning a new language so much more bearable and painless.

So if you are a French learner who love sports, why don’t you try to read or listen to sports news in French? Not only will it improve your reading or listening skills in French, it will also be a great way for you to insert learning French into your everyday routine (for more tips on how to do that, go here: 20 FUN WAYS TO INSERT LEARNING FRENCH INTO YOUR DAY).

For starters, you can check out this list of French words commonly used in sports. These include words for different sports, athletes, and other people and terms involved in sports. For a more thorough list of vocabulary about Football, you can also check out the 2nd part of this Sports Vocabulary series.

Now for the list. Don’t have time to read the list now? You can also download this in a PDF format. 

french sports vocab list download pdf

The Different Sports

le baseballbaseball
le basketball / le basketbasketball
le cricketcricket
le foot(ball)football, soccer
le football américainAmerican football
le golfgolf
le hockey (le hockey sur glace)hockey (ice hockey)
le hockey sur gazonfield hockey
le rugbyrugby
le rugby à treizeRugby League
le rugby à quinzeRugby Union
le tennistennis
le volley(ball)volleyball
le handballhandball
la courserunning
la boxeboxing
la dancedancing
la gymnastiquegymnastics
la luttewrestling
la musculationbodybuilding
la randonnéehiking
la voilesailing
l’athlétismetrack and field
le cyclismecycling
le joggingjogging
le parachutismeskydiving
le parapenteparagliding
le patinageskating
le patinage artistiquefigure skating
le patin à roulettes, le skatingrollerskating
le tennis de tabletable tennis
le tirshooting
le tir à l'arcarchery
le vélobiking
l’équitationhorseback riding
les arts martiauxmartial arts
les sports de combatcombat sports
l’escrime (f)fencing
l’haltérophilie (f)weightlifting
le skiskiing
le ski de randonnée/fondcross-country skiing
le ski de descente/pistedownhill skiing
le ski nautiquewater skiing
la natationswimming
la plongéediving

Athletes/ Sports Players

un joueura player (m)
une joueusea player (f)
un basketteura basketball player (m)
une basketteusea basketball player (f)
un footballeura football player, soccer player (m)
une footballeusea football player, soccer player (f)
un golfeura golfer (m)
une golfeusea golfer (f)
un hockeyeura hockey player (m)
une hockeyeusea hockey player (f)
un joueur de tennisa tennis player (m)
une joueuse de tennisa tennis player (f)
un volleyeura volleyball player (m)
une volleyeusea volleyball player (f)


Sports Personnel and Fans

l'arbitrethe referee
le coachthe coach
un coéquipiera teammate (m)
une coéquipièrea teammate (f)
le public / les spectateursthe spectators, the crowd
un sponsora sponsor
un supporte(u)ra supporter, fan (m)
une supportricea supporter, fan (f)

Did you like this list? If you want other vocabulary lists to be featured here in Talk in French, please add a comment and I will try to accommodate as many as I can.

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