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Podcast Episode #38: Are the French Rude?


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Here is the 38th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast.

In this episode:

– Some information about French culture. Are the French rude? My opinion about this common question.

– Some French Words and expressions.

– French nouns with two genders: How the gender of a word changes a sentence immensely. Like saying “This is a basement” to “This is an idiot”.

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Confusing French Words with a double meaning

  • le cave – (familiar) idiot, sucker vs  la cave – basement, cellar
  • le livre – book vs la livre – pound (currency and weight)
  • le manche – handle vs la manche – sleeve la Manche – English Channel. Also an expression: “Il s’y prend comme un manche”. Listen the podcast to learning the meaning
  • le mémoire – memo, report, memoirs vs la mémoire – memory
  • le mi-temps – (work) part-time vs la mi-temps – (sports) half, half-time
  • le mode – method, way, mood vs  la mode – fashion
  • le moule – mold vs la moule – mussel
  • le physique – physique, face vs la physique – physics
  • le plastique – plastic vs  la plastique – modeling arts, body shape
  • le platine – platinum vs  la platine – turntable, deck, strip of metal
  • le poêle – stove vs la poêle – frying pan
  • le tour – tour, turn, trick vs  la tour – tower, rook (chess)

French Words in the Podcast

  • des baskets – trainers
  • des chaussures – shoes
  • les vêtements – clothes
  • un haut – a top
  • un jogging – a tracksuit
  • un maillot de foot – a football shirt
  • un pantalon – trousers
  • un polo  – a polo shirt
  • un pull – a jumper
  • un short – shorts
  • un sweat – a sweatshirt
  • une chemise – a shirt
  • une jupe – a skirt
  • une robe – a dress
  • une veste – a jacket    

French Expressions of the week

  • c’est kif-kif et bourricot-  it’s even, it’s all the same
  • Sauter au plafond – To show extreme signs of happiness
  • une bonne bête good -natured person good beast
  • Tenir quelqu’un à l’oeil –  To watch someone 
  • C’est dans la poche It’s in the bag 
  • Chassez le naturel mais il revient au galop – You never hide / can rid of your natural tendencies 
  • bête à manger du foin – dumb enough to eat hay  

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