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Discover a Tasty French New Year Tradition Podcast #39


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Here is the 39th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast.

In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. Learn about one of the most “sociable” tradition in France.

– Some French Words and expressions.

– The French language can be sexist: I will show the double meaning of certain words when you switch from a male word to the female equivalent. It can be good for women to listen this part. (NSFW).

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La galette des rois

La galette des rois

La galette des rois et sa couronne

Source: (imagedoc)

Le gâteau/ la brioche des rois (in Provence)

Brioche_des_Rois provence

Source: Wikimedia

Confusing French Words with a double meaning

  • Un coureur vs coureuse
  • Un entraîneur (a coach)  vs une entraîneuse
  • Un homme à femme (a playboy) vs une femme à homme
  • Un chien (a dog) vs une chienne
  • Un cochon (a pig)  vs une cochonne
  • Un salaud (a basXXX) vs une salope
  • Un allumeur (lighter, igniter) vs une allumeuse
  • Un maître (a teacher) vs une maîtresse

Learn the meaning by listening this podcast.

French Words in the Podcast

  • (Breaking up) – Rompre des relations
  • to disappoint – décevoir
  • to discourage – décourager
  • to displease – déplaire
  • to cause sadness – faire de la peine à
  • to bother – gêner
  • to reject – repousser
  • to break – rompre
  • to lose interest – se désintéresser de
  • to quarrel – se disputer
  • to lose sight of each other – se perdre de vue
  • to separate from each other – se séparer
  • to suspect – soupçonner
  • to cheat, deceive – tromper  

French Expressions of the week

  • C’est la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase – I can’t take it anymore
  • Conduire comme un pied – to drive horribly  
  • Prendre son pied – to have a good time  
  • Fumer comme un sapeur – to smoke like a chimney  
  • Faux cul – Hypocrite  

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