36 French words and phrases related to yoga


Last Updated: August 31, 2022

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Heads up, yoga enthusiasts!

If the French language and yoga are two of your favorite things, this article is especially for you. Here are some French words and phrases that you’ll find quite helpful when doing yoga.

Whether you’re in a French-speaking destination and wish to join a yoga class or simply trying to incorporate the French language in your daily activities, this list will provide you with the French equivalents of words that you’ll hear in yoga class. The list includes the equipment, exercises, as well as some yoga poses. Not only that, you’ll also get a list of vocabulary related to body parts.

French words related to Yoga

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your list of words.

36 French words and phrases related to yoga

studio de yogayoga studio
prof de yogayoga teacher
Le tapismat
Le blocblock
Une ceinture/sangle de yoga/ la sanglestrap
Respiration du feubreath of fire (breathing technique)
Respiration longue et profondelong deep breathing
Accrochez les doigtsInterlace your fingers
Faites les cercles avec la têteMake circles with your head
Allongez-vous sur le dos/ventreLie on your back/stomach
Fermez les deux poingsmake fists with your hands
Levez les jambes vers le cielLift your legs up/ towards the ceiling
Penchez-vous vers l'avantBend forwards
Assis les jambes tendues devantSit with legs straight out in front
AccélérezGo faster
Accroupissez-vousCrouch down
Gardez la colonne droiteKeep back straight
Expirez en vous penchant vers l'avantExhale as you bend forward

Les poses de yoga - yoga poses

les postures de yogayoga poses
La posture du lotuslotus pose
la Posture de l'arbretree pose
Position debout/posture de la montagnemountain pose
La pose de l’enfantchild pose
La posture du triangletriangle pose
La posture du chien tête en basdown dog pose
Posture de la pince deboutstanding forward bend
posture parfaiteaccomplished Pose
Chat-Vache à quatre pattesCat-cow pose on all fours
Assis sur les talonsSit on your heels
Le cobracobra pose
La posture de la grue, ou du corbeaucrane or raven pose
La posture « de la » foudre ou du diamantvajra pose
La posture du guerrier unwarrior 1 pose
La posture du hérosHero Pose

French words and phrases about body parts

la têtethe head
le visagethe face
le frontthe forehead
les cheveuxthe hair
un oeilthe eyes
les yeuxthe eyes
le nezthe nose
les oreillesthe ears
les lèvresthe lips
la bouchethe mouth
les dentsthe teeth
la languethe tongue
le mentonthe chin
le couthe neck
la nuquethe nape/ back of the neck
la gorgethe throat
le dosthe back
les épaulesthe shoulders
la poitrinethe chest
les seinsthe breasts
les brasthe arms
les coudesthe elbows
le ventrethe belly
les mainsthe hands
les doigtsthe fingers
les onglesthe fingernails
le poucethe thumb
le poignetthe wrist
la hanchethe hip
l'abdomenthe abdomen
les fessesthe backside, buttocks
les jambesthe legs
les cuissesthe thighs
les genouxthe knees
les chevillesthe ankles
les talonsthe heels
les piedsthe feet
les orteilsthe toes

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