5 little"known" Places in Paris - How to Memorize the French Verb
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Talk in French Podcast #18: 5 Little-known Places in Paris / French Verbs with Prepositions

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Here is the 18th session of the Talk in French Podcast!

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In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. 5 little-known places to visit in Paris.

– Some French Words with an English Translation. Listen anywhere:  even while you cook, run, commute, or everywhere.

– A quick French Grammar Explanation. How to memorize French verbs with prepositions (e.g: parler à / parler de…).

– Some French Expressions and their translation

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Articles and vocabulary mentioned in this session:

5 little-known places in Paris:

– La coulée verte

– Le passage Jouffroy

– Le musée Marmottan

– La mosquée de Paris

– Boating at Bois de Vincennes and visit Le château de Vincennes too!

List of verbs with prepositions à and de (listen to the podcast for more details):

Download the list here.

List of verbs with prepositions à and de download pdf and mp3 free

French Words in the Podcast

  • le café instantané – instant coffee
  • le café – coffeehouse machine à café – coffee/espresso machine/maker
  • le café décaféiné – decaffeinated coffee
  • le café crème -coffee with cream
  • le petit noir – strong espresso, no milk
  • les grains de café – coffee beans
  • le café noir – black coffee

French Expression in the Podcast

  • en mon nom – in my name
  • Entre donc ! – Come on in!
  • Est-ce à dire que? – Does this mean that…?
  • Êtes-vous libre ?- Are you free?
  • Excusez-moi de vous déranger – I’m sorry to disturb you
  • Laisse-moi rire ! – Don’t make me laugh!
  • Laisse-moi ! – Leave me alone!

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