Vendre French Conjugation


Last Updated: August 28, 2022

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Vendre is a common verb to use, especially in relation to business and commerce, so it is advisable that you learn its different conjugations!


Vendre is the French verb for to sell, so it would be used in the context of “I am selling my chair” which becomes “je vends ma chaise”.

This verb is a common re verb, so the conjugations in French will follow the same rules as other verbs that end in re.
Vendre French Conjugation

Vendre French Conjugation in Present Tense

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
JeVendsI sell
TuVendsYou sell
Il/ElleVendHe/She sells
NousVendonsWe sell
VousVendezYou sell
Ils/EllesVendentThey sell

As with all verbs when they are being conjugated, the verb Vendre retains its stem, which is “vend”. In this case, the stem is all that is used to say he or she sells, while I sell, and you sell you simply and an “s”.

The French Vendre Conjugation in Passé Composé

As with all verbs that are conjugated in the passé composé, the conjugation of vendre in this tense will also require it to have the conjugation of avoir in the present tense.

Vendre will be in the past participle, which is vendu, while avoir precedes it.

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
J’Ai VenduI have sold
TuAs VenduYou have sold
Il/ElleA VenduHe/She have sold
NousAvons VenduWe have sold
VousAvez VenduYou have sold
Ils/EllesOnt VenduThey have sold

Imperfect Tense Vendre Conjugation in French

If you owned or worked in a shop in the past and want to talk about what you used to sell over a period of time, this is the tense for you.

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
JeVendaisI used to sell
TuVendaisYou used to sell
Il/ElleVendaitHe/She used to sell
NousVendionsWe used to sell
VousVendiezYou used to sell
Ils/EllesVendaientThey used to sell

French Conjugation of Vendre in the Future Tense

In comparison to the conditional tense, which is explained below, this one is used for when something is certain to happen. So, if you were currently working in a store and had a new line due in, this is the tense that you would be using.

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
JeVendraiI will sell
TuVendrasYou will sell
Il/ElleVendraHe/She will sell
NousVendronsWe will sell
VousVendrezYou will sell
Ils/EllesVendrontThey will sell

As you can see, when conjugating vendre in this tense, the “r” remains with the stem of the word, instead of being dropped to add the suffix.

The French Conjugation in Conditional Tense of Vendre

This tense is used for things that may happen in the future, so if you have an ambition or a dream that has yet to happen, this is the tense that you would use.

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
JeVendraisI would sell
TuVendraisYou would sell
Il/ElleVendraitHe/She would sell
NousVendrionsWe would sell
VousVendriezYou would sell
Ils/EllesVendraientThey would sell

At a glance, these verb conjugations could be mistaken as imperfect tense, however, when you check thoroughly you will notice a difference. In the conditional tense, the conjugation starts with  “r”.

Vendre French Conjugation in the Future Perfect Tense

This tense is used to say you will have done something in the future, so it isn’t a certainty per se, but it’s almost like you are willing it to happen, or you’re planning for it to happen.

As with the passé composé, it also requires the use of the verb avoir in conjugated form, with vendre following in its past participle (vendu). Only this time, avoir will be in the future tense.

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
J’Aurai VenduI have sold
TuAuras VenduYou have sold
Il/ElleAura VenduHe/She have sold
NousAurons VenduWe have sold
VousAurez VenduYou have sold
Ils/EllesAuront VenduThey have sold

Vendre Subjunctive Tense Conjugation in French

Subject PronounVendreEnglish

The Pluperfect Tense Vendre Conjugation in French

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
J’Eusse VenduI
TuEusses VenduYou
Il/ElleEût VenduHe/She
NousEussions VenduWe
VousEussiez VenduYou
Ils/EllesEussent VenduThey

French Vendre Conjugation in Le Passé Historique

Subject PronounVendreEnglish

Passé Antérieur Tense French Vendre Conjugation

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
J’Eus VenduI
TuEus VenduYou
Il/ElleEut VenduHe/She
NousEûmes VenduWe
VousEûtes VenduYou
Ils/EllesEurent VenduThey

Futur Antérieur Tense Conjugation of Vendre in French

Subject PronounVendreEnglish
J’Aurai VenduI
TuAuras VenduYou
Il/ElleAura VenduHe/She
NousAurons VenduWe
VousAurez VenduYou
Ils/EllesAuront VenduThey

Examples of the French Conjugation Vendre


  • Je vends ma chaise - (I am selling my chair)
  • Vous avez vendu votre chemise - (You have sold your shirt)
  • Ils vendront des meubles - (They will be selling furniture)
  • Il vendait de la glace - (He used to sell ice cream)


There are several other tenses that vendre can be conjugated into in French, however these are the most common ones that will be used. Le passé historique and passé antérieur, for example, are both used more commonly in written French instead of spoken French.

Once you learn the rules, you will be able to conjugate the verb to suit your needs with ease.

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