Bryan Shelmon

Bryan Shelmon is a travel writer, living the digital nomad lifestyle as of the past few years to immerse himself into the travel industry. Bryan has traveled to regions including the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and Southeast Asia. While traveling, he enjoys attending local cultural events and working on creative projects.

Bryan continues to grow as a writer, achieving a #1 Best Selling travel culture guide on Amazon and exploring new regions of the world.

Articles by Bryan Shelmon

Strange French Superstitions TH

Strange French Superstitions

The French are known to be some of the most superstitious people in the world.

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Different Varieties of French Used All Over the World TH

A Guide to the Different Varieties of French Used All Over the World

Did you know that there are approximately 76 million native French speakers? And another 235

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paris parks

7 Paris Parks You Should Definitely Visit Soon

Paris is a modern metropolis with surprisingly lots of green spaces spotted around the city.

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Talk about Emotions in French

When someone greets you in any language, it’s almost impossible not to follow up with

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200 True French Cognates TH

200 True French Cognates (Vrais Amis) to Boost Your French Vocabulary

If English is your first language, chances are you’ve been using French your entire life.

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french vocabulary art museum th

French Vocabulary: At the Museum or Art Gallery

So you're a fan of les arts? We've got the perfect French vocabulary for visiting

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