Special Episode: Sex And The French Podcast 50 - Talk in French
Talk in French

Special episode: Sex and the French – Podcast 50

Listening Time:  63 minutes. IMPORTANT! This podcast contains some explicit (sexual) expressions. Don’t listen if you are not comfortable with this topic.  

Here is the 50th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes.

In this episode:

  • Sex and the French
  • How to learn French “in bed”
  • Some French Words and expressions.

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French Words in the Podcast

  • la drague – hitting on (chatting up)
  • Le cul – ass
  • Mater – to eye up
  • Craquant – gorgeous
  • Le baiser – kiss
  • baiser –  to fuck
  • sauter une fille/un mec – to lay a girl/guy
  • Branler (se) – to wank / to jerk off
  • Bander – to have a hard-on
  • Mouiller – to get wet.
  • Tringler – to fuck.

French Expressions of the week

  • Faire une partie de jambes en l’air
  • Faire crac crac/Faire boum boum
  • Passer à la casserole
  • S’envoyer en l’air
  • Faire des galipettes
  • Tremper le biscuit
  • Emmener Popaul au cirque
  • Remettre le couvert
  • Grimper aux rideaux
  • Faire l’amour en levrette

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