Podcast #42 – Discover the French Education System (Part 1)


Last Updated: March 22, 2023

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Bonjour, this is Frederic and I would like to personally welcome you to the forty-second episode of the Talk in French Podcast!

This podcast is intended for beginner to intermediate French language learners and French culture enthusiasts. For advanced level learners, I also have an all-French Podcast which you would probably enjoy more. You can check the Advanced Podcast here. 

french school system

In this episode:

  • The French education system Part 1: La crèche et la maternelle (pre-school)
  • Learn some recently created French words Part 2 (troll, café gourmand, bolosse)
  • Some French words and expressions

What's in This Podcast?

French Travel and Culture

Discover some interesting aspects of French travel and culture.

Vocabulary and Expressions

Learn useful French vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

French Grammar Explanation

Get to know important grammar points and learn how to use it.

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French Vocabulary Included in This Episode:

bavard chatty
intelligent intelligent
formidable tremendous
paresseux lazy
rigolo funny, amusing
triste sad
lâche cowardly
gentil nice, kind, sweet
sympathique likeable
énergique energetic, vigorous 

French Expressions from This Podcast Episode:

les couteaux volent bas = sarcasm has overtaken a conversation
les doigts dans le nez = very easy
fièvre de cheval = high fever, serious illness
tomber dans les pommes = To faint; to pass out
avoir de la gueule = to be attractive
Se battre contre des moulins à vent = To fight something in vain
Avoir une sale gueule = to be nasty-looking

French Language Point

  • Le selfie
  • le hashtag
  • la cyberattaque
  • les trolls
  • les verbicrucistes
  • les MOOCs
  • antipasti
  • une bruschetta
  • un café gourmand
  • barista
  • atomiser
  • boloss
  • capillotracté
  • une mémoire de poisson rouge
  • taffer

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About the author 

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

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