French Vocabulary: Cinema and Theater (Le Cinéma et le Théâtre)


Last Updated: October 14, 2021

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Who doesn't love the brilliance of French movies ? Well, not that many in fact. Getting exposed to French cinema and theater is quite an important part of learning the French language and culture.

Not only will it help you practice your listening skills and pronunciation, French film terms also give you a broader understanding and a deeper look into the French psyche.

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So get your fix of French movies and the cinema in French, and familiarize yourself with this vocabulary list of French film terms while you're at it.

Theater Le théatre
actl’acte (m)
actorl’acteur/le comédien
actressl’actrice/la comédienne
applaud, clapapplaudir
applausel’applaudissement (m)
audiencele public/l’assistance
awardle prix
climaxl’apogée (f )
comedianle/la comique
criticle/la critique
curtainle rideau
endingla fin
make a filmtourner un film
flople navet
movie starla vedette de cinéma
moviele film
movie fanle/la cinéphile
playla pièce
playwrightle/la dramaturge
plotl’action (f )/le déroulement
premierela première
rehearsalla répétition
rolele rôle
seatla place
scenela scène
screenl’écran (m)
scriptle script
showle spectacle/la représentation
stagela scène
stage frightle trac
successle succès

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