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October 29, 2013

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Planning to go out and paint a French town red? Don’t get left in the gutter. Get down and dirty the French way! Here are some French slang words to help you describe people (the lovely French ladies and the ooh-la-la Frenchmen) and places in French.

These colloquial expressions are guaranteed to make you sound like you are one of the locals already. Other equally important words like I’m drunk, let's go home are other phrases your brain needs to remember, too!

Remember two glasses of red wine a night will make you live longer so live it up while in France!

Save the PDF format of this list on your computer or mobile phone. 

French Slang to Describe People

*= offensive

aguichanteenticing, attractive
bien foutuewith a lovely body
les binoclesglasses, spectacles
bourge(ois)middle class
chier*to shit
le coup de vachedirty trick
décontract(é)relaxed, chilled-out, mellow
foutiste: j'en-foutistedoesn't give a damn about anything
génialterrific, great (brill)
glauquesad place
la gueulefeatures, face
guindéstiff, starchy, uptight
marrantgood fun, a bit of a laugh
le mecguy (bloke)
mettre dans le coupto convince, to win over
le rigolard / rigolo / marrantjoker
taper: Il me tape sur les nerfs.He gets on my nerves.
Te prends plus la tête.Don't worry yourself (your head) anymore about it.

French Slang to Describe A Place

une ambianceatmosphere
un appart(ement)apartment (flat)
le boucanracket, row
la bouffemeal, grub (nosh)
la chierie*something really tedious
chier: On s'est fait chier.*We were bored out of our minds.
dégoterto find
en chier*to bust a gut
fourréhanging out (holed up)
partanteready and willing, up for it
passer biento be well suited
se concocterto concoct, to hatch (a plan)
se payer un coupto go for a drink
se ramenerget together
lourderto kick out
Cassos.Let's go.
s’empiffrerto stuff your face
tenter le coupto try your luck
hyper-bondépacked full
s’empiffrerto stuff your face
tenter le coupto try your luck


French slang terms are a fun way to bond with your French friends especially on a drunken (or not!) night out on town. But always remember, only use French slang if you're being cheeky and you know you can get away with it!

French slang terms are incredibly informal, so never attempt to whip out these words when you're in formal conversations or talking to strangers in a formal setting. 

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About the author 

Frederic Bibard

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

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