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French Vocabulary List: Fruits and Grains

French Vocabulary List Fruits and Grains
Reading time: 1 minuteDifficulty: Beginner- Intermediate

Go grab some fruits and hit two birds with one stone because today’s lesson is all about fruits and vegetables.

While munching on some apples, make your time count learning a new set of French words at the same time. You’ll see that eating and learning make a good combo if you want to remember words and phrases more effectively.

The words will also come handy if you’re planning on grocery shopping any time soon.

Fruit, Fruit Trees
Fruits, arbres fruitiers
almondl’amande (f )
almond treel’amandier (m)
applela pomme
apple treele pommier
apricotl’abricot (m)
apricot treel’abricotier (m)
avocadol’avocat (m)
avocado treel’avocatier (m)
bananala banane
banana treele bananier
cherryla cerise
cherry treele cerisier
figla figue
fig treele figuier
grapefruitle pamplemousse
grapefruit treele pamplemoussier
lemonle citron
lemon treele citronnier
mandarinla mandarine
mandarin treele mandarinier
mangola mangue
mango treele manguier
olive l’olive (f )
olive treel’olivier (m)
orangel’orange (f )
orange treel’oranger (m)
peachla pêche
peach treele pêcher
pear la poire
pear treele poirier
plumla prune
plum treele prunier

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barleyl’orge (f )
cerealla céréale
cornle maïs
l’avoine (f )
ryele seigle
wheatle blé/le froment

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