30 Essential Marketing Words in French
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A Handy List of Essential Marketing Words in French

30 essential marketing words in French th

I know some of the readers of Talk in French study business in France while some are working or doing business in a French-speaking area. So I am sharing 30 essential marketing words in French, which I am sure you will find useful.

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à la modefashionable / trendy
attirerto attract
choisirto choose
coûterto cost
l'image de marquethe brand image
la gamme des prixthe price range
la promotionpromotion
le plein tariffull price
le prix de détailthe retail price
le prix du marchéthe market price
les biens de consommationconsumer goods
les biens de première nécessitécommodities
les produits manufacturésmanufactured goods
proposerto offer
un prix planchera floor price
une bonne affairea bargain
une étiquettea price tag
une gammea range
une incitationan incentive
une marquea brand
une primea bonus
une réductiona discount

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55 Essential Marketing Words in French downloadable PDF

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