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Last Updated: September 1, 2022

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Yes, you read that right. After months of lengthy preparation, the 26 episodes of the full first season is finally here!

Le Podcast En Francais

Introducing: the new Talk in French Podcast

I have heard your requests, your feedback, and all your frustrations in learning French especially for advanced learners. It is difficult to look for suitable learning materials for your level. That is precisely the reason why this all new Talk in French advanced level podcast is created.

The podcast is perfect for advanced learners or at least B2 (Upper Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficient) in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). So if you plan to pass DELF B2 and above, this podcast is probably one of the best tools you can use to practice your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary.

Compared with existing podcasts from other competitors, this new Talk in French podcast is more advanced. In each episode, I work with Katie, my British female co-host. She raises questions from the perspective of a French language learner and we talk about a variety of topics such as language, food, cultural differences, humour, literature, love, children, and a whole lot more.

Aside from the various topics, every episode also comes with a grammar section which focuses on the main issues faced by advanced learners. Some episodes also discuss several useful French expressions.

Here are the list of topics for the 26 episodes:

Episode #TitreTitle - EnglishGrammaireGrammar Topic
0Les tendances"Peak shaving" and other trends in 2016 that will be sent to the dustbin of history.L'utilisation de dont The use of "dont" (which)
1Comment des lardons ont failli briser l'amitié franco-italienneHow bacon almost broke the Franco-Italian friendshipLe verbe Faillirthe verb Faillir (almost + verb)
2Les langues se sont adaptées à leur environnementHow the languages have adapted to their environmentLe gérondif. Dans le texte: “des chercheurs venant de mettre en evidence…”Gerundive (turn a verb into adjective)
3Hemingway, un Américain fou de ParisHemingway, an American crazy about ParisIl y a / il yThe use of "il y a and "il y"
4«Ognon», «nénufar», accent circonflexe: la réforme surprise de l'orthographeThe surprising changes in French spellingIl s’agit deHow to express the context of a story
5Différence de conversationThe differences in conversation between French, English and AmericanLe verbe falloirthe verb falloir (to express an advice)
6La femme qui désirait une « personne mature » malheureusement attirée par les hommesA woman who is looking for a "grown-up" person is unfortunately attracted to menen travers de la gorgeA French idiom "hard to swallow" and how to use French idioms
7La monstrueuse littérature jeunesse part 1Why are French fairy tales so scary? Part 1Si (on the contrary)Si (on the contrary)
8La monstrueuse littérature jeunesse part 2Why are French fairy tales so scary? Part 2Si (if)Si (if)
9Les français ne sont pas de gros dégoutantFrench people are not so dirtyvaloir mieuxHow to say in French "it would be better"/ to advice someone
10On a passé un an dans la peau des marchésWe spent a year to share an emotional connection with the financial marketvieil / vieuxFrench adjectives Spelling: some special cases
11Comment être arrogant comme un françaisHow to be arrogant like a French?le verbe rendre/ se rendreThe verb "rendre" and its different usage
12Les français puristes de la langue Part 1Why the French are so uptight with their language Part 1VerlanVerlan: a unique way to form some slang terms in French
13Les français puristes de la langue Part 2Why the French are so uptight with their language Part 2Celui-ci / Celui-làCelui-ci / Celui-là = this one/ that one
14Trop de vacances en FranceToo much holidays in FranceVocabulaire / expressions pour les vacancesVocabulary / expressions for holidays
15La discrimination par l'accent Part 1How people can be discriminated by their local accent Part 1Les expressions régionalesUnique idoms in some French regions
16La discrimination par l'accent Part 2How people can be discriminated by their local accent Part 2to care about somethingHow to express the idea of " to care about something"
17Les blaguesHow do the French joke?Exemple de blaguesSome example of French jokes
18Le coq et le cocu françaisThe French and their relationship with cheatingLe genre des motsMasculine and Feminine Words: how to know which is which?
19Detester les françaisWhy French people hate French peopleVerbe se rendreA weird verb: "se rendre" and how to use it
20Français et AnglicismesHow the French use English words these daysPhrases pour le subjonctifSome useful subjunctive phrases
21Faire deux choses à la foisBeing a multitaskercould in frenchHow to express "could" in French
22Les français sont nuls en anglaisThe French suck at English: the reason whyNe pas + infinitiveHow to use the negative with an infinitive verb: Ne pas + infinitive
23La France, un pays pas très recommandéThe weird French habit through a foreigner's persepctiveshould in frenchHow to express "should" in French
24BrexitBrexit and how France and U.K can work togetherencore et toujoursThe difference between encore and toujours
25Ambiancer, arty, spin-off, émoticône... Le Petit Larousse accepte 150 nouveaux motsDiscover some new and recently added French wordsLe CausatifThe causative: How to express the idea to delegate the task to somebody.
26Les 12 fautes de français qui vous énervent le plusThe 12 most annoying French mistakes made by the French themselvesto care about somethingHow to say the word "malgré" (in spite of).

As I have previously mentioned, the podcast is not really for everyone. But if you are an advanced level French learner who is serious in mastering the language, the podcast would be a great way to practice your listening skills and train your ears through real French conversations.

But if you are not yet at this level: don’t worry. Soon enough I will come up with something that is perfect for your level, too.

Technical Details and Podcast Information


  • Each podcast episode is about 30 minutes on average.
  • The total duration of the whole season would be more or less 14 hours in length.
  • The Podcast notes and transcription are a hefty 1,000 pages---to give you full access to review the grammar lessons, vocabulary, plus a way to follow the conversations in its entirety.


You can access the complete podcast---all the MP3 and podcast notes (vocabulary + grammar + transcription)---directly at a highly competitive, great value.  Whether you want to learn French at home on your computer with the transcript in front of you or listen to it on the go---the choice is yours.


How much does the whole podcast subscription cost?


The entire 26 episodes (27 in total including episode 0)  plus the transcripts would only cost you US$49. Compare that with other similar podcasts which are offered at US$100 or even more.


There’s something HUGE that comes with this announcement. As usual, just like when I launched other products before, I offer a massive discount during launch week.

If you download the podcast today until 31st October 2016, the entire podcast season would only cost you US$ 29! ( or 24 gbp, 39 aud, 39 cad, 39 eur, 59 brl...)


29 US dollars! That’s an amazing discount of 20 dollars slashed off from the regular price.


But you need to act immediately because this offer won’t stick around forever (it’s super limited) and won’t ever be repeated ever again in the future. So get it during launch week and I promise you, it will be really worth your money.

Download the podcast today!

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About the author 

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

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