Podcast #36 Discover Some French Regional Traditions
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Podcast #36 Discover some French Regional Traditions (Christmas Edition)


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Here is the 36th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast.

In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. Discover some unique regional christmas tradition in France

– Some French Words with an English Translation. Ideal when you cook, run, commute….

– Learn about the Verlan (Colloquial French): How to use it? When to use it? + I am sharing some popular one.

– Some French Expressions and their translation

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Understanding Verlan: French Slang

Some slang mentioned in this podcast

  •  meuf = (femme)= chick
  • keum= (mec)= dude
  • reuss =(soeur) = sister
  • reuf = (frère) = brother
  • relou = (lourd) = annoying person
  • chelou = (louche) = weird
  • zarb = (bizarre) = weird
  • keuf  = (flic)= cop
  • téma = mate = look (verb)
  • bolosse = lobos (lobotisimé) = idiot

French Words in the Podcast

  • money – Le fric Le pognon Le pèze La galette L’oseille (f) Les ronds (m) Le flouse La thune
  • Loose change – La ferraille (literally, scrapiron)
  • To be broke – Etre fauché, être a sec
  • A daddy’s boy – Un fils à papa
  • To be loaded – Etre plein aux as
  • cheapskate – Radin,e
  • To fork out – Casquer
  • To blow  – Claquer (la thune)
  • It’s a fake, it’s imitation – C’est du toc
  • Junk, rubbish – De la camelote

French Expression in the Podcast

  • Une bouteille d’eau minérale – A bottle of mineral water
  • Des légumes –vegetables
  • du riz – rice
  • le verre – glass
  • J’ai faim – I’m hungry
  • C’est délicieux! – it’s delicious
  • J’ai soif – I’m thirsty
  • C’est dégoûtant! – it’s disgusting
  • le serveur – waiter
  • goûter – to taste

Articles and vocabulary Mentioned in This Session:

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