Basic French Vocabulary for Babies and Toddlers: Colors, Shapes, Common Objects


Last Updated: August 29, 2022

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It never hurts to give a young child a headstart when it comes to learning another language. The earlier children (Les enfants) and babies (Les bébés) start learning any language, the easier it is for them to become bilingual without even really trying.

When teaching young children, exposing them to simple, everyday language is a must. Things like colors, shapes and common objects are always useful and easy to incorporate into everyday activities and games.

Here are some vocabulary lists and French words for kids to get you started teaching Basic French for Babies and Toddlers.

French Vocab for Toddlers

Colors in French (Les couleurs)

Many young children first begin playing with toy blocks and games that come in an array of different colors and shapes. Teaching children some French words for kids while they’re playing with their toys is a good and easy way to begin to introduce new words to them.

Here is a list of the most common colors in French:

Les couleursColors

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Shapes (Les formes)

Here are the most common shapes:

Les formesShapes
Un carréSquare
Un cercleCircle
Un triangleTriangle
Un rectangleRectangle
Un ovaleOval
Un demi-cercleHalf circle
Un pentagonePentagon
Une pyramidePyramid
Un côneCone
Un cubeCube
Une boîteBox
Un cœurHeart
Une étoileStar

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Common Objects (Les Objets Communs)

Along with colors and shapes, there are many common everyday objects that are useful to teach French words for kids in the early stages of their learning.

Here are some of the most common objects:

Les Objets CommunsCommon Objects
Le lolo (le lait)Milk
Un nounoursTeddy bear
Une poupéeDoll
Un doudouStuffed animal or blankie
Un joujouToy
Un jouet de bainBath toy
Une balleBall
Un livreBook
Les cubesBlocks
Une comptineNursery rhyme
Un crayon (de couleur)(Colored) crayon
La tétine, la sucette de bébéPacifier
Le bavoirBib
Un bibi (biberon)Baby’s bottle
Un bol Bowl
Une cuilleréeSpoon
Un biscuitCookie
Un toutouDoggy (sometimes called a ouah-ouah by children)
Un minouKitty
Un dadaHorsey
Un cochonPiggy
Un poissonFishy
Un canardDucky
Un lapinBunny
Un oiseauBirdy
Un(e) ours(e)Bear
Une fleurFlower
Une maisonHouse
Une voitureCar
Un trainTrain
Un camionTruck
Un bateauBoat

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What about you? Did you learn French as a child? What words did you learn? What other vocabulary do you think is important to teach French for babies and toddlers? Let us know in the comments!

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