How to Pronounce Difficult Words in French: Part 4


Last Updated: August 31, 2022

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This is the fourth and final list of the most tricky French words to pronounce.

Difficult words to pronounce of french

We asked our Facebook followers what they think is the French word that trips them up every time, and we were able to round up a list of 120 words which were broken down into a series of four articles.

So today, let’s look at the remaining 30 words in the list. Make sure to practice with the audio I recorded! 🙂

Rappelerto remember, to recall(0:01 min)
Ratatouillea traditional stewed
vegetable dish from
(0:13 min)
Regarder to look at(0:26 min)
Regret regret, same as in English(0:38 min)
Reims A city in France(0:49 min)
RERRéseau Express Régional;
the train service in Paris
and its suburbs
(1:01 min)
RestaurantSame as in English(1:14 min)
Robe rougeRed dress(1:27 min)
Roi King(1:35 min)
Stade Roland Garrosa stadium in Paris;
a popular tennis venue
(1:50 min)
RouenA city in the northern French
region Haute-Normandie
(2:06 min)
Rouilléerusty(2:17 min)
Ruestreet (2:29 min)
Sainte-Agathe-des-Montsa town in Quebec(2:39 min)
Sculpture a carving, same as in English (2:54 min)
Sidérurgiethe steel industry(3:06 min)
Singemonkey(3:20 min)
Tartetart; a small pie(3:31 min)
Tarte tatina type of upside-down pastry(3:43 min)
Tilleullime tree; linden(3:55 min)
Trois the number three(4:07 min)
Trottoirsidewalk, pavement(4:18 min)
Tuyautube or pipe(4:30 min)
Un œil an eye (4:41 min)
VendrediFriday(4:53 min)
Vent vs. vinVent is wind while
vin is wine
(5:05 min)
Vieilleold woman (5:24 min)
Vieuxold (5:35 min)
Yaourt yoghurt (5:46min)
Yeux eyes(5:58min)
  1. Rappeler to remember, to recall  (0:01 min)
  2. Ratatouille a traditional stewed vegetable dish from Provence (0:13 min)
  3. Regarder to look at (0:26 min)
  4. Regret regret, same as in English (0:38 min)
  5. Reims A city in France (0:49 min)
  6. RER Réseau Express Régional; the train service in Paris and its suburbs (1:01 min)
  7. Restaurant Same as in English (1:14 min)
  8. Robe rouge Red dress (1:27 min)
  9. Roi King (1:35 min)
  10. Stade Roland Garros a stadium in Paris; a popular tennis venue (1:50 min)
  11. Rouen A city in the northern French region Haute-Normandie (2:06 min)
  12. Rouillée rusty (2:17) 
  13. Rue street (2:29 min)
  14. Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts a town in Quebec (2:39 min)
  15. Sculpture a carving, same as in English (2:54 min)
  16. Sidérurgie the steel industry (3:06 min)
  17. Singe monkey (3:20 min)
  18. Tarte tart; a small pie (3:31 min)
  19. Tarte tatin a type of upside-down pastry (3:43 min)
  20. Tilleul lime tree; linden (3:55 min)
  21. Trois the number three (4:07 min)
  22. Trottoir sidewalk, pavement (4:18 min)
  23. Tuyau tube or pipe (4:30 min)
  24. Un œil an eye (4:41 min)
  25. Vendredi Friday (4:53 min)
  26. Vent vs. vin Vent is wind while vin is wine (5:05 min)
  27. Vieille old woman (5:24 min)
  28. Vieux old (5:35 min)
  29. Yaourt yoghurt (5:46min)
  30. Yeux eyes (5:58min)

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