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July 12, 2019

French text slang vocabulary french to english

Text messaging and online chats are part of our daily lives and  have introduced so many terms into the mainstream. You probably know about LOL, ROFL, IDK and their equivalent in your language.

But what about if you would like to send a message in French? What text slang terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and shortcuts do French people use in instant messages and SMS? 

Here in this article, we'll take a look at common French text slang and their equivalent in English.

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French Text Slang

MDR = Mort de rire.It means ‘dying of laughter’. Just like LOL in English.
EXPDR = Explosé de rire or ‘exploding with laughter’.Sort of similar to ROFL (rolling on the floor with laughter) in English.
C = C’est.It means: “it’s”.
C Ca = C’est ça.Means: “that’s it”.
CT= C’était.This means “it was”.
G = J’ai.Means “I have”
GT= J’étais “I was”
QQ1 = quelqu’un Meaning: someone.
QQC = quelque choseIt means: something
tt = tout.All/everyone.
A+= à plus tard.Means “see you” or its English version “cu”
++ = à plus tard. See you later. Like the English version: C U L8R
A12C4 = à un de ces quatre.See you one of these days.
12C4 = un de ces quatre.One of these days.
A TT = à tout à l'heure. Talk to you later. Similar to TTYL.
Je re = je reviens tout de suite.Same as BRB or Be right back in English.
a2m1 = À demain.See you tomorrow (c u tmrw)
Auj = Aujourd’hui.It means “today”
ALP = À la prochaine.See you.
BIZ =bisous, bises. Kisses.Similar to X, XX or XO in English.
Cki ? = on se connaît ?Do I know you?
J'y go= je dois partir. Same as GTG or “got to go”
AMA = à mon avis.In my opinion. Similar to IMO in English.
AMHA= à mon humble avis.In my humble opinion. Similar to IMHO in English.
AMS = à mon sens. “as I understand it”
C1Blag = c'est une blague.Just kidding. Same as J/K in English.
RSTP = réponds, s'il te plaît.Used to ask someone to text/reply back.
PEH = pour être honnête.Just like TBH (to be honest). Use this when stating your opinion or thoughts on a matter.
Cc = Coucou.Hey/ hi!
slt= Salut.Hi!
Bjr = Bonjour.Hello
Bsr = Bonsoir.Good evening
MDA = Merci d'avance.Thanks in advance.
Mci = Merci. Similar to thx.
Pk = Pourquoi.Why
STP = S'il te plaît.Please. Similar to the shortened “pls”.
Dsl = Desolé. Sorry.
DAC = d’accord. Similar to OK.
b1sur = bien sûr. of course
ENTK = en tout cas.Anyway.
Pr toi =pour toi.For you. Same as 4u.
DDD = demande de discussionwhich means request for discussion or “we need to talk”
ASV = âge, sexe, ville. Similar to ASLin English which is used in instant messaging to ask the age, sex, and location.
Bcp = beaucoup.a lot.
bi1to = Bientôt.Soon
CB1 = c’est bien..that’s good
CAD = c’est-à-dire.that is. same as i.e. which is used to list or enumerate some points.
CPG = c’est pas grave.it’s no big deal/ not a problem.
DQP = dès que possible.as soon as possible (ASAP)
FDS = fin de semaine.Weekend
JTM or Je t’M = je t’aime. I love you
JMS = jamais. Never
TJS = toujours. Always.
JSG = je suis génial.I’m doing good.
KDO = cadeau.Gift
QDN = Quoi de neuf?“What’s new?”
TLM = Tout le monde.Everyone
RDV = Rendez-vous.Catch up.
RAF = Rien à faire,‘Nothing to do’
V1 = Viens.Come.
OKLM Au calme = (Not the airline company KLM). Au calme here means no pressure / “chill”.Used by youngsters mostly.

Why should you learn French text lingo?

While many would think that these shortcuts are some sort of bastardization of a beautiful language, those who use these argue that modern online conversations require fast, hurried typing and text lingo serves that purpose.

Language evolves to keep up with the times. In order to fully understand a language such as French, you need to understand every aspect including text-speak.

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