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Last Updated: November 18, 2021

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Let’s talk about law and justice. Whether your exposure to the world of crime is limited to suspense television shows and action books, or you’re the more hands-on, living-on-the-edge type (oh, you little rebel!), law talk always appears every now and then.

And of course, big words like this need to be interpreted perfectly, otherwise, horrible misunderstandings could well land you somewhere undesirable.

So for this vocabulary list, we give you some useful French words related to law, justice, and crimes. Who knows, this might come handy sometime soon. If it doesn’t, then simply bask in the knowledge that you know these law words – in French.

Crime, law and justice

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Without further ado, here's the vocabulary list for law, justice, and crime in French!

CrimeLe crime
OffenceL’infraction (f)
Offence, crimeLe délit
Fine, parking ticketLa contravention
Hardened criminalLe criminel endurci
Attack, assault, muggingL’agression (f)
AssailantUn agresseur
To mugAgresser
To stabPoignarder
ManslaughterL’homicide involontaire (m)
MurderLe meurtre /L’assassinat (m)
MurdererLe meurtrier/la meurtrière / L’assassin/l’assassine
RapeLe viol
RapistLe violeur
To abductEnlever
KidnappingL’enlèvement (m)
AbductionLe rapt
KidnapperLe kidnappeur/la kidnappeuse
KidnapperLe ravisseur/la ravisseuse
HostageL’otage (m/f)
RansomLa rançon
BurglaryLe cambriolage
BurglarLe cambrioleur
To lootPiller / Mettre à sac
Hold upLe hold-up (m)
GangsterLe gangster
RobberyLe vol avec violences
BriberyLa corruption
Open to briberyCorruptible
BribeLe pot de vin
BlackmailLe chantage
To blackmailFaire chanter / Soudoyer
ExtortionL’extorsion (f)
FraudLa fraude
Drug pusherLe revendeur de drogues
Drug traffickingLe trafic de drogues
PoliceLa Police
Police stationLe poste de police
Emergency servicesLa police-secours
Traffic policeLes agents de circulation (m)
Plain-clothes policemanLe policer/la policière en civil
Police dogLe chien policier
Inquiry, investigationL’enquête (f)/ Les recherches (f)
InterrogationL’interrogatoire (m)
Private detectiveLe détective privé
IdentificationLa pièce d’identité
Lost property officeLe bureau des objets trouvés
JusticeLa justice
TrialLe procès
Public prosecutorLe procureur
MagistrateLe magistrat
JuryLe jury
JurorLe/la juré(e)
LawyerLe/la juriste
SolicitorLe notaire
IndictmentL’inculpation (f)
ProofLa preuve
EvidenceLes preuves (f)
PlaintiffLe/la poursuivant(e)
WitnessLe témoin
To plead guiltyPlaider coupable
To plead not guiltyPlaider non coupable
To make a statementFaire une déclaration
To make a testimonyFaire une déposition
StatementLe constat
Confession L’aveu (m)
To chargeInculper
To appealInterjeter l'appel
Court of appealLa cour d’appel
La cautionBail
L’acquittement (m)Acquittal
AcquitterTo acquit
To dischargeRelaxer
To be found guiltyEtre reconnu coupable
DetentionLa détention
PardonLa grâce
imprisonmentL’incarcération (f)

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