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French Vocabulary not learned at school: Money

French Vocabulary Money

​In English it’s cash, money, dough, moolah, bill, bucks, bread, fund, and so many other words, yet it all means the same thing.

No matter what we do or where we go, money talk can’t escape us (or the other way around). So if you find yourself walking on French soil, you’ll invariably come across talk about money. You might as well arm yourself with these French money vocabular​​y and slang to help you get your thoughts across and vice versa.

Or you could learn this simply because it’s cool to know this stuff too. All up to you, really.

For Starters...

Here's a short video to get you started with this lesson. Check out some standard French words related to money, plus some example sentences.

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​French Money Vocabulary (Slang)

moneyLe fric
Le pognon
Le pèze
La galette
La braise
L’oseille (f)
Les ronds (m)
Le flouse
La thune
Loose changeLa ferraille (literally, scrapiron)
Francs/ EurosLes balles (f) (as in “ca coute quinze balles” = it costs fifteen euros)
10,000 francs/ eurosUne brique
To be brokeEtre fauché, être a sec
To not have a beanNe pas avoir un radis,e (le radis = radish)
Ne pas avoir un rond
Filthy richRupin,e*
A spiled daddy’s boyUn fils à papa
To be loadedEtre plein aux as
A skin-flintUn grippe-sous
To fork outCasquer
To blowClaquer (la thune)
To be hadSe faire avoir
To con, to rip offSe faire Rouler / couillonner**
It’s a fake, it’s imitationC’est du toc
Junk, rubbishDe la camelote
FreeA l’œil
profitLe bénef (short for “le benefice” = the gain, profit)

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  • Mary says:

    Very interesting vocabulary! However, remembering these expressions is another matter!

    • Frederic says:

      True, you do not need to know everything here. But just find the one you might use from time to time. You need to practice your french on a regular basis with those words in fact.

  • JouJou says:

    Thank you!!! I love this site, it is so helpful! There are not a lot of French speakers where I live and my French is getting rusty 🙁 This def. helps me exercise my language muscle!!!

  • haig says:

    Un défis pour moi est le fait que je suis canadien, et je ne suis pas certain jusqu’a quel point vos commentaires appliquent au Canada ….

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