French Vocabulary: PETS AND ANIMALS


Last Updated: December 10, 2021

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You may have had a pet at one point in your life or you may even have one now. Either way, it makes perfect sense going through today's lesson on French vocabulary---all about pets and animals in French.

We will not only be covering pets in French, but also other animals in French; from the farm, or the names of field animals in French.

Le chien, after all, will forever be man's best friend. And wouldn't it be nice to call your pets in French sometimes? You’ll never know, your pet may even love hearing the language.

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PetsLes bêtes
catle chat/la chatte
dogle chien/la chienne
domestic animall’animal domestique (m)
frogla grenouille
goldfishle poisson rouge
hamsterle hamster
lizardle lézard
parrotle perroquet
rabbitle lapin
tortoisela tortue
Farm and Field AnimalsLes animaux de la ferme et des champs
batla chauve-souris
bullle taureau
calfle veau
chickle poussin
cowla vache
dormousele loir
duckle canard
ducklingle caneton
ewela brebis
field mousele mulot
goatla chèvre
goosel’oie (f )
guinea pigle cochon d’Inde
harele lièvre
henla poule
herdle troupeau
horsele cheval
lambl’agneau (m)
marela jument
marmotla marmotte
molela taupe
mousela souris
mulela mule
oxle boeuf
pigle cochon
ponyle poney
porcupinele porc-épic
poultryla volaille
rabbitle lapin
raccoonle raton laveur
ramle bélier
ratle rat/la ratte
roosterle coq
sheeple mouton
sowla truie
squirrell’écureuil (m)
stallionl’étalon (m)
swanle cygne
turkeyla dinde

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