10 Embarrassing Pronunciation Mistakes That You Should Avoid
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Talk in French Podcast #13 – French Etiquette when Eating Out – 10 embarrassing pronunciation mistakes that you should avoid in French.


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Here is the 13th session of  Talk in French Podcast!

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In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. I explain some French Etiquette when eating out
– Some French Words with an English Translation. Ideal when you cook, run, commute….
– A quick French Grammar Explanation. 10 embarrassing pronunciation mistakes that you should avoid in French.
– Some French Expressions and their translation.

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Articles and vocabulary Mentioned in This Session:

Some mispronunciation mentioned in the podcast

  • Cou = neck /  Cul =ass
  • Coup  = A hit/ shot
  • C’était un joli coup  (it  was a nice shot). But you can be « un bon coup » = a good shag
  • Joli cul = nice ass
  • J’ai mal au cou (My neck hurts) not J’ai mal au cul ( My ass hurts)
  • Bulle (bubble) Boule (balls)
  • Salut (Hi) Salaud / Salop (Asshole)
  • Merci beaucoup (thank you very much) not Merci beau cul (thank you nice ass)
  • Vladimir Putin not Vladimir Putain (Vladimir Fuck)
  • Cheveux (hair) vs Chevaux (horses)
  • Canard (duck) vs Connard (asshole)
  • Duck Confit (confit de canard not confit de connard)
  • But « C’est un canard/ il fait le canard (he acts like a duck)  = a yes man to his girlfriend)
  • Con (a jerk) vs Quand (when)
  • Branly (place in Paris) vs Branler (to  jerk off)
  • Baisser (to lower) Baiser (to fuck)

French Words in the Podcast

  • le supermarché – supermarket/grocery store
  • les provisions – groceries
  • le tapis roulant – conveyer belt
  • la boulangerie – bakery
  • la confiserie – confectionary/sweets section
  • les fruits – fruits
  • les produits surgelés – frozen food
  • la nourriture pour animaux – pet food
  • la caisse- till/cash register

French Expression in the Podcast

  • Ne quittez pas. – Please hold.
  • Ça bouge ? – How’s it going?
  • Ça me prend la tête ! – That drives me crazy!
  • Je comprends un peu. I understand a little.
  • C’est bon – It’s good
  • C’est surprenant – It’s surprising
  • Je vous le passe. – I’m transferring your call.

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